Lively Yellow and Blue Accent Decor: 3 Home Tour

Lively Yellow and Blue Accent Decor: 3 Home Tour


Lively combinations of yellow and blue decor make for uplifting living spaces. These three inspirational home designs don’t drown with colour but balance and build energised spaces for upbeat living. We’ll study interpretations of this optimistic colour scheme across open concept interiors ranging from tight and compact proportions, all the way up to an expansive and airy double height living room with an open modern staircase design. Don’t miss ideas for a tiny L-shaped yellow and blue kitchen design, an open plan yellow accent peninsula kitchen, stylish blue and yellow accent bedroom designs and a plethora of custom made furniture designs to carry the colourful aesthetic.

Visualizer: Dima Sapachēv  

Our first home interior is a compact Russian apartment that challenges its dimensional limitations with bold colour choices. A small sofa comes to life under bright yellow upholstery and a modern swing arm wall lamp. World map wall art expands the sense of space across a solid blue statement wall.

The blue accent makes its way around to a small dining area by the window, colouring just one of three modern dining chairs.

Painted beading adds smart pinstripe texture to a small TV wall.

A floating TV stand keeps media accessories hidden away beneath the wall mounted TV set.

Another deep blue accent wall enriches the home entryway, where crisp white wardrobes make full use of vertical space. A cushioned entryway bench brings in a bright note of yellow by the front door, beneath a set of decorative wall hooks.

A pegboard style bicycle storage wall fills the opposite side of the hallway. A full length mirror increases the sense of space and natural light.

Oak flooring runs seamlessly from the front door into the living room, creating a cohesive flow that further strengthens the open concept.

Velvet drapes hang from a hidden track within the living room ceiling, which elongates their deep blue line. Three spherical glass pendant lights allow sunlight to pass through them, whilst black cables darkly anchor the trio in the accent palette.

A small black side table complements the black framed dining chairs and steel cased glass doors that separate the living room from the neighbouring bedroom.

A black frame has been painted around the front door to match the interior trims.

The white dining table sits lightly in the scheme, blending quietly with sheer white window voiles.

A crystal clear glass vase lightly adorns the table, and creates a home for a lush green flourish.

The small kitchen design utilises the full room height with double banked white wall cabinets.

A bright yellow kitchen backsplash tops an L-shaped arrangement of royal blue kitchen cabinets. A home workspace tucks into the end of the narrow layout.

Built-in units surround a vivid yellow upholstered bed
inside the master. A modern chandelier cuts a black silhouette against the white cabinet fronts.

Oak wall shelves introduce a core of natural warmth into the bedroom furniture installation in an ideal spot for storing a library of bedtime reading material.

Two modern wall sconces shine reading light over the headboard.

A projector screen pulls down at the end of the bed for cosy movie nights in bed.

Visualizer: Laurentiu Isopescu  

This Portuguese apartment offers up inspiration for a slightly larger layout, with an open concept kitchen. One grey rug defines the lounge area, whilst a second draws out the border of an adjacent sitting area/reading nook.

Plentiful sunlight makes the perfect companion for cheerful aqua blue and bright yellow accents. A glass interior wall accepts the stream of natural light into a spacious home office.

Over on the TV wall, a black shelf runs up against the glass wall home office, where it accurately meets the height of the desk’s matching black work surface.

A floating TV stand
matches the wood aesthetic of the office storage cabinets.

Steel framed shelving units help to zone the open layout. A steel bookcase marks out the sunny seating area by the window, whilst a ceiling mounted shelving unit defines the kitchen dining peninsula.

Indoor plants fill the open kitchen shelving with beautiful green accents. A yellow trim adds a fun finish to the white kitchen peninsula.

All encompassing wood panelling characterises a welcoming home entryway and hallway.

The hallway’s wood ceiling cladding reduces to a slim border around the living room.

Inside the minimalist home office, a Back to the Future poster pulls in the yellow accent.

Yellow trim underlines the black worktop.

A regular height table extends the peninsula kitchen. A white linear suspension light complements the clean finish.

Black backsplashes visually deepen the kitchen dimensions.

A bespoke entryway bench melts into the warm wood hallway decor and a built-in hallway closet.

Visualizer: Lena Trofymenko  

This spacious Scandinavian house shows the yellow and blue colour theme stretched over wide white backdrops. The double height living room stands open to a modern staircase, where glass balustrades further expand the room’s impressive proportions.

A mustard wingback chair and matching footstool make lively contrast with a bright blue modern sofa.

A built-in window seat extends the lounge’s seating arrangement, and creates a log storage area for the adjacent fireplace.

Cool grey walls and a soft grey area rug calm the bedroom scheme.

A single piece of art paints in yellow and blue accent shades.

Cheery yellow accents build upon a grey bathroom decor palette. A yellow side table serves a centrally situated bathtub, whilst a round rug pools concentric yellow circles into the middle of the room.

Made-to-measure furniture fills every inch of space in this single bedroom and workspace with tranquil white and wood tone finishes.

Black trims sharpen an all white bathroom design.

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