Modern Beige Interiors With Stylish TV Wall Ideas

Almost every living room has to find a home for the TV. The TV is cemented as part of our modern-day lives and they take up a huge chunk of wall space. That big black box doesn’t always look the most elegant in light surroundings, so what can we do to integrate it with finesse? In these four modern beige interiors, you’ll find tv wall ideas that elevate the room aesthetic rather than hamper it. That’s not all these four apartments have to offer though, you’ll also find style inspiration for open layout living rooms, welcoming entryways, chic home workspaces, restful beige bedrooms, and beautiful beige bathrooms.

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This contemporary beige living room is brightened with a piece of bold and colorful artwork above the couch. An open archway connects the open living space with a small hallway that lies beyond.


A folding glass room divider draws between the modern sofa and the archway to give the sitting area a cozy, closed-off appeal, while still sharing natural light.


The tv wall decor is tailor-made to the screen size to achieve a streamlined appearance. The height of the TV is matched by a small shelving nook that butts up precisely against its edge. The extruded TV mount is underlit, which gives it a lightweight, floating effect. A beech wood media console unit evenly spans the gap below it.


The folding glass room divider lightly separates the sitting area from the adjacent dining room and kitchen, building clear zoning. The small, marble dining table has a striking vein that gives it a bold presence in the open-plan arrangement. Three designer dining chairs surround the table with three very different silhouettes.


Atmospheric lighting makes a welcoming home entryway. An LED strip runs vertically beside a floating entryway bench to construct a modern pairing. Wall-mounted cabinets provide plentiful storage on the other side of the hallway.


The double workspace has a wall-mounted desk to maintain maximum legroom. A pegboard wall offers flexible opportunities for hanging equipment and displaying notes. Glass cabinets above the desk are lit from within to create a bright and inspiring space.


The beige bedroom is a calm space. A bordered bedroom rug frames the soft bed. Beige artwork adds an abstract focal point.


In the second beige bedroom, another abstract art piece complements a cushion-soft upholstered headboard. A deep window seat is dressed with a matching beige cover.


A chic dressing room is furnished with bespoke glass-fronted wardrobes, a floating vanity table, and a channel-tufted beige vanity stool.


The first beige bathroom is small and succinct. A stone vanity unit slots neatly into a narrow alcove.


The second beige bathroom features a large vanity unit with added storage space for fresh towels.

Visualizer: Hamada Abdo  

In this open layout living room, the TV wall delivers a tall and grand aesthetic. Its rounded corners smooth away the edges, delicately melding it with the pale beige wall stucco. A vertical cutaway in the stucco TV mount makes way for a tower of display shelves, which are gently illuminated. Underneath, a limestone media console shelf adds a subtly deeper tone and attractive texture.


The sectional sofa draws a cozy L-shape around the lounge area. A curved lounge chair rounds out the furniture arrangement.


A round coffee table gives the sitting area a central anchor point.


The kitchen island includes an L-shaped dining table extension, which makes room for up to four diners.


Wood paneling builds a headboard feature wall in the master suite. An abstract wall light makes elegant bedroom wall decor.


An open doorway connects the sleep space with a small dressing area. Mirrored wardrobes increase the sense of space and light.


The bedroom TV wall echoes the same smoothly rounded aesthetic as characterizes the living room feature wall. An LED strip highlights the limestone console shelf beneath.


The second bedroom design features a trendy wood slat wall, which layers texture behind a biscuit-tufted headboard.


Mirrored wardrobes reflect the textural feature wall.


The bathroom is a windowless space that comes alive under a deeply atmospheric lighting scheme.


A tinted screen darkly defines the shower space design.

Visualizer: Hamada Abdo  

Our third featured home has a large L-shaped living room with a high-end marble-clad TV wall. Smooth white modern panels support the TV screen, while narrow storage cabinets darkly flank each side.


The luxurious living room includes a formal dining area, an open-plan kitchen, and a snug, conversational nook.


Upholstered dining chairs accommodate eight people at the large dining table.


Tucked around the corner, the farthest from the windows, the conversational nook has a warm lighting scheme.


An elegant circle chandelier crowns the space. Modern table lamps and perimeter lights add an evenly spread glow.


The home entryway is fitted with a smooth expanse of wooden closet doors and display shelves. Soft mood lighting produces a welcoming ambiance.

Visualizer: Hamada Abdo  

Our final featured beige home design is a studio apartment.


A backlit, wood-slatted closet adds light and texture to the small entryway.


The TV wall is situated centrally in the studio apartment so that it can be viewed comfortably from the couch, the bed, and the kitchen.


The base of the TV wall is cut through and illuminated to create a faux fireplace effect. A gray stone hearth completes the look.


The stone hearth overlaps a wood-slatted wall panel, which frames a full-length vanity mirror. The vanity table doubles as a home workspace in the small apartment.


The kitchen area contains a compact dining bar, just large enough for two people.


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