My 2021 IKEA Favorites

My 2021 IKEA Favorites

Photo Courtesy of IKEA

Yet again, IKEA has really stepped up their game this year with some super cute and trendy items. I think I even have a couple favorites of all time on this list too! While not all of the items are new, I haven’t featured them before and I think they definitely deserve a spot here, and you’ll see why.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, if you live in Saudi, you’re going to have a tough time getting your hands on these items for now. I’m hoping the situation will be better once the borders open up, but for now, start admiring and adding to your wish list…


2021 IKEA Favorites

1. OMTÄNKSAM chair, SR 458 | 2. MISSVEDEN mirror, SR 93 | 3. IVAR cabinet, SR 822 | 4. GALJON pendant, SR 273 | 5. BULLIG storage box, SR 65 | 6. SVENSÅS pegboard, SR 54 | 7. IVAR door, SR 163/2 pack | 8. MÄLLSTEN outdoor tiles, SR 161.73 | 9. SOLVINDEN outdoor light, SR 97 | 10. SOLBLEKT picnic basket, SR 218 | 11. BUSKBO magazine stand, SR 87 | 12. KOARP armchair, SR 1036 | 13. SPANGSBRO rug, SR 1477 | 14. OMTÄNKSAM throw, SR 97 | 15. MISTERHULT pendant, SR 295 | 16. BJÖRKSNÄS bed, SR 1747 | 17. VARDAGEN cast iron casserole with lid, SR 196 | 18. SKAFTET lamp base (shade sold separately), SR 246 | 19. AINA cushion cover, SR 38 | 20. PILLEMARK door mat, SR 65 | 21. VESKEN trolley (for those narrow spaces in your kitchen), SR 43 | 22. SOLVINDEN outdoor solar powered light (I would spray paint this whole thing a different color!), SR 87 | 23. BONDHOLMEN outdoor armchair, SR 803

Sooo many cute items right? I would say that the KOARP armchair, the BJÖRKSNÄS bed and the SKAFTET lamp are some of my all-time favorites from this list. I hope you can get your hands on some of these items ASAP. Have a great week!

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