New Tekton Tool Carts are Customizable and Expandable

Tekton has come out with a new line of tool carts.

The new Tekton tool carts are customizable, kind of in the same way as a Subway sandwich, where you can have your way about nearly every aspect.

There are 3 color options to start with – carbon (black), red, and white.

Do you want different height options? You can choose a 33″ base or a 37″ base.

Choose between 0, 1, 2, or 3 ball bearing drawers.

And for the sides, you can have solid or pegboard panels.

The result is 42 different Tekton tool cart options, ranging from a bare minimal cart with top lid to a taller cart with top lid, 3 drawers, and pegboard panels.

Components are available separately so that you can add to or change your setup over time.

Tekton Tool Cart Components and Price List

It’s not just drawers that you can add to your cart – you can buy drawers, side panels, pegboard panels, and back panels separately.

Drawer assembly: $110
Solid side panel: $25
Pegboard side panel: $30
Rear Panel: $25

(Prices are as of April 2021)

Tekton Tool Cart Features

Each tool cart, regardless of drawer configuration or side panel, features a covered top compartment with hinged lid, pull handles (these look to be closed with no open hand loop), gas struts to support the top lid, and a liner.

The drawers have full-extension slides and also full-clearance walls, which seems to mean that you can utilize the full area for things like tool trays without them catching.

The top lid and each drawer have independent locks.

Top Pan Specs

16 gauge steel construction
200 lb max load capacity
25.9″ length x 20.1″ depth x 3.2″ height

Front Drawer Specs

Steel drawer construction

18 gauge front
20 gauge body
16 gauge slides

100 lb load capacity
24″ length x 18″ depth x 3″ height

Bottom Pan and casters

16 gauge steel construction
200 lb load capacity
2.8″ casters (4″ height) – 2 locking swivel and 2 swivel

250 lb load capacity per caster, 1000 lbs total

28.1″ length x 19.1″ depth x 3.2″ height

Country of Origin

The tool carts are said to be made in Canada. The drawers are also made in Canada, the drawer slides in Taiwan, and the casters in China.

Pricing and Availability

Tekton currently has 42 different pre-configured tool cart options to choose from.

Tekton Tool Cart Options


33″: 390
37″: $410

1-Drawer with Solid Sides

33″: $490
37″: $510

1-Drawer with Pegboard Sides

33″: 500
37″: $520

2-Drawers with Solid Sides

33″: $590
37″: $610

2-Drawers with Pegboard Sides

33″: $600
37″: $620

3-Drawers with Solid Sides

33″: $690
37″: $710

3-Drawers with Pegboard Sides

33″: $700
37″: $720

All of the prices seem to include shipping fees. The tool carts ship in separate boxes depending on the components you select.

Tekton says that the tool cart ships in multiple boxes.

Demo Video

The side handle configurations look interesting – I wonder how well they work. They also give the tool cart a very low-profile appearance.


I… LOVE this idea. Next, Tekton needs to offer more colors (how about blue?), and maybe accessories (such as a power strip), and I suppose there’s even the potential for different drawer depths.

With a lot of tool carts these days, you get a one-size-fits-all setup unless you step up to super-premium brands, and even then I don’t think any brand has offered this level of customization before.

Drawers ordered as part of the same tool cart will be keyed-alike along with the top lid.

I’m having a difficult time finding any downsides to the design. Judging from the online imagery, everything looks well thought out. I suppose the high pricing could be a detractor, but if the price is representative of the quality, and you get exactly the drawer configuration that works for you, this could work.


If Tekton takes things a step further, how do you think they’ll expand upon this idea?

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