Not everyone has a pantry

Not everyone has a pantry

Some houses just weren’t built with one. When it comes to having a pantry, they are nice to have, but not a necessity in the prepping world. In fact, we are capable of turning any space into a pantry. Because prepping is so important, I have come up with 10 food storage ideas when you don’t have a pantry. In case you missed this post, What You Need In Your Food Pantry

Food Storage Ideas When You Don’t Have a Pantry

If you don’t have a pantry for your food storage, don’t worry! Here are 10 ideas that will make storing your extra food a breeze!

#1 Use an Old Bookshelf

An old bookshelf can become a great place to store your food. Even in a small kitchen, you can stick a bookcase in there along one of your walls. Load your shelves with dry goods, canned goods, and even produce. I would recommend getting a bookshelf from the thrift store or Facebook marketplace if you don’t have one and want a cheaper option. I wish we had an IKEA here, they have some pretty inexpensive and sturdy bookcases that could be used to store food. If you get the taller ones, please attach them to the wall for safety reasons.

#2 Store it in the Walls

Trust me here, I’m not crazy! You can take out part of your wall in between two beams and then place shelves in between the beams that you can use to store your food. This is a terrific option if you have a tiny kitchen and just can’t place another thing into it. Additionally, you can add some hanging doors to hide what you have in there. This can be done fairly easily and with limited funds. Be sure to watch out for electrical wires in those walls.

#3 Pegboard Food Storage Ideas

If you don’t want to tear apart your wall, you can use it to create your own pantry. Securely attach a pegboard to your wall. Create a pantry with baskets and shelves that will work with the type of food storage you have. You can create shelves for your canned goods, and place baskets on it for your produce. You can also use file holders to store things like spaghetti noodles or cutting boards. 

#4 Repurpose Your Coat Closet

I had a friend who didn’t have a pantry, but she had two coat closets. One by the front door and one by the backdoor. Instead of using both closets for coats and things, she uses one closet as a pantry. Add shelves in your closet. You can buy some basic wood boards and create shelves to hold baskets, canned goods, spice, or most anything you want in your makeshift pantry. 

#5 Utilize an Enclosed Porch

You have to be careful what you put on the porch, especially if you can’t regulate temperatures in your porch area. However, you can put up storage shelves to store your extra canned goods, cleaning supplies, or things you frequently use. You won’t want to have things in the freezing cold or super-hot temperatures periods. If you can keep it reasonably cool or warm throughout the year, this is an option to store your extra stuff. 

#6 Food Storage Ideas in the Basement

Using your basement for your extra food storage is a great idea. However, you will want to keep your food off the floor and be sure you have a rotation plan in place so you don’t forget what’s downstairs. One thing I have found about storing extra food in the basement is that sometimes you just don’t feel like going down there to rotate your food. But, if you are someone who can stay on top of it even when it’s out of sight, this is a fabulous option. In fact, there are several ways you can store food in your basement:

Build a pantry in your basement. You can build a room down in your basement solely dedicated to food storage. 

Add bookshelves. If you have extra bookshelves, you can create your own pantry out of them in your basement.

Hang shelves. If you don’t want things on the floor at all, you can use the walls and create shelves in your basement. 

Years ago, I had a basement and it was a great food storage place, as well as a great place to store extra coats and blankets, hygiene products, emergency preps, and more. Then, Mark and I downsized to a smaller home and now we don’t have a basement. My dream would be to have a pantry that is 14-feet by 14-feet. It’s not going to happen, but I can dream, right? Such is life. My home is much smaller but easier to clean.

#7 Hang Goods Under Your Cabinets

Screw mason jar lids into the bottom of your upper cabinets. Then you can have some instant storage for the things you have. I wouldn’t suggest doing a ton of stuff stored this way due to the weight. But, this is a good option for people with limited storage space. 

#8 Place Shelves Anywhere You Can

When it comes to prepping, you don’t have to just figure out what to do with it in your kitchen. In fact, your whole house can become a food storage haven! Hang shelves wherever you can think of to store extra food and prepping stuff. Here are some places you can hang extra shelves in your home:

Build shelves on the sides of your cabinets.
Narrow shelves can be placed along your backsplash between the cabinets and counter.
You can add extra shelves in closets.
Put up shelves behind your toilet.
Anywhere there is a wall, you can add a shelf for storage.
We have items stored behind our entertainment center in the master bedroom. Who would have thought?

#9 Build Your Own Pantry

For example, you can build your own Free-standing pantry by watching YouTube! If you have somewhere to put it, you can always build your own, or several if needed. 

#10 Use Baskets and Containers

There are so many ways you can store extra food and essentials. Use baskets and plastic containers to store food in hard to reach cabinets so that you are using all of your space. You can even use plastic bins that you can scoot under the bed, couch, or shelves. Store it, stack it, and hide it however you can. 

Other Food Storage Ideas

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10 Food Storage Ideas When You Don’t Have a Pantry

Final Word

It can be tough to find all the right places to store your extra food. Some of us live in small houses, some in apartments, and others just have a hard time going up and downstairs. When it comes to food storage, make it logical and efficient for you! If you need to build more shelves, do it. If you want to store it in an empty bedroom, do it. The best thing you can do is be creative as you figure out how to store it any way you can. May God Bless this world, Linda

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