Organizing Garages & Attics

Organizing a garage or attic can be tough. A few tips that can be helpful would be to invest in storage. This means investing in a shelving system, or mounting items to the wall. Bins are also a great way to keep organized. Additionally, learning what to store and where is a major hurdle to get through. Keeping a car or other vehicle in a garage is a great idea, as well as infrequently used items. On the other hand, storing anything dangerous or things that cannot withstand temperature changes is not a good idea to put in the garage or attic. Learning all of these tips will ultimately help you keep your home clean, safe, and organized.

Key Takeaways:
Use garage wall space to hang hand-held tools, like hammers and screwdrivers. A good way to keep hand tools accessible and highly visible is to hang darkly colored tools on a bright, white peg board. A peg style coat rack is an ideal way to separate and hang items like umbrellas, that have loops.
“Learn how to get rid of garage clutter by organizing your garage into zones and choosing storage solutions that works for your space.”

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