Organizing Your Pets

Pets are family members and just like other family members, they accumulate a lot of stuff. Pets have many accessories and their own needs, with a little bit of organization you can really make a great impact in your lives.

Keep important documents in a file

It’s important to have a dedicated space in your home for pet records, such as immunizations, pedigrees, adoption and microchip records. Keep these records up-to-date and if they aren’t current, ask your veterinarian to send you updated copies. These will come in handy when the time arises and will help friends or family find the documents easily. Don’t forget to add an updated picture to this file as well. In case they get lost, you will be able to print flyers quickly.

Gather all of your pet supplies

Once you have all of your pet supplies laid out, you can quickly view what you have and start getting rid of broken food bowls, damaged toys, expired treats, etc. The next step is tossing old or damaged supplies, then you can organize what your pet really uses. Most pet rescue organizations love donations! Things you might consider donating include, old pet towels, belongings from a pet you no longer have or old collars and leashes you no longer use.

Time to organize

Once you have your piles in categories of donate, discard and keep, you can begin organizing your pet’s belongings.

Start by sorting the item type around your home. For example, put your pet’s toys in a basket, put your grooming supplies such as nail clippers, brushes and shampoo in the room you would groom your pet, then, put leashes and collars in a basket or bin near your entryway. Another option is to install peg board or hooks in a closet near your entryway for hidden storage.

Pet food can be stored in a variety of sealable container which keeps food fresh and bugs out. I prefer tubs on wheels for easy maneuvering.

Organizing your pet supplies doesn’t have to be a complicated project and it will make a lasting impact. Our team at Organization and Relocation would love to see your before and after photos of your pet’s new and organized home!

Written by: Angie Spann, Project Coordinator