Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

Working in our homes is the reality for many whether it be with our hobbies or legitimate businesses. You may have developed your own routine of doing things. But it can still be hard to get projects done quickly and efficiently if you are working in a cluttered space.

With an overabundance of supplies and work materials, you may find yourself wasting time trying to find certain items. Or maybe you find yourself getting distracted when trying to work around the clutter. This can have an effect on how quickly you can complete tasks and on the quality of your work, too.

To make sure you’re producing your best work, whether professionally or leisurely, you may want to try some of the tips below to help you organize any workspace.
Decluttering your workspace is important to do before you start organizing your space. If you skip the first step, decluttering, clutter tends to return quickly after you organize your space. Decluttering essentially rids your workspace of unnecessary and rarely used items.

Start by sorting your belongings into groups like everyday necessities, less frequently used, and no longer (or never!) used or needed. Of course, you can create your own groups. The important thing is to remove items that are just taking up valuable space and getting in the way of your creativity and productivity.
Increase Storage
Storage space is a critical component to organize any workspace. If you have a home office for your job, you may find it helpful to find office furniture that comes with an ample amount of storage. Desks with plenty of drawers, bookcases, and shelving units can help with storing your office supplies while still complementing the design and style of your space. While a hobby or craft space may be set up a little differently, storage is still important for the abundance of differently sized items.

“Organization is key, especially when you are a crafter! In order to be the most efficient in your crafting tasks, I recommend keeping your supplies in clear storage containers. This will not only allow you to stay organized, but you will be able to see exactly where everything is, as it is safely stored.” – Samantha Broas, Digital Designer at Michaels

As a crafter, Samantha knows first hand that storage, and specifically clear containers, can be essential when trying to organize your space. When using these containers, try to separate your supplies by type. For example, keep all fabric in one container, trimmings in one, and spools of thread in another. You can keep the containers in your general workspace or tucked away in a closet. Wherever they are,  you’ll still be able to see what’s inside without having to open each container and sort through every time.
Pegboard Wall
While they are commonly forgotten about as an organization tool in a workspace, pegboards can be the perfect solution for keeping everyday supplies up and out of the way and easily accessible for use. They can be installed above your desk or work station for all your tools and supplies.

In a craft space, hooks and bars that attach to the pegboard are perfect for holding your rotary mats, scissors, or even baskets of paints. If you’re setting up your pegboard in a home office, it is equally as beneficial. Many people will create their own configuration of hooks, bars and baskets on the board to hold everything from office supplies to decor pieces. That’s what makes it so great! You can completely customize your board to organize any workspace.
Work Station Organizers
Work station and desk organization is key in any work area as well. Investing in desk shelving trays will help to keep your small, frequently used items out of the way. Most desk organizers will come with several compartments or drawers to make room for a range of different supplies. In a typical home office, this can be great for pens, pencils, paper clips, or push pins. In a crafting or hobby space, they can also be used for smaller sewing needles, T pins, cutting tools, or art supplies like beads and rhinestones. Desk organization is arguably one of the most important ways to organize any workspace. That’s because having a clean and clear space to work will increase the efficiency of your work. .
Install Shelving
Utilizing your vertical wall space is important in any workspace as well. This will help with eliminating clutter in your main work area and repositioning your supplies out of the way. You can use shelves above or around your workstation to organize books, papers, and even decor pieces. To keep your area efficient, place some of your everyday items on the lower shelves that are within easy reach. Leave higher shelves for your decor or rarely used items. Lower shelves are a great place to store some of those clear storage containers as well.

Organizing your work or hobby space doesn’t have to take an immense amount of effort, time, and skill. You can start with some of these quick tips and then let your space guide you. Think about the storage and organizing options that migh work best for your work area and comment below with some of your own ideas!

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