Proper storage in your bedroom can take the space from chaotic to serene.

A messy bedroom creates chaos and encourages feelings of anxiety and stress. A mess also makes it harder to relax and fall asleep. Your sleep suffers, you’re tired during the day, and your quality of life declines.

It doesn’t matter how you decide to organize your room; you need to have the right type of storage for the clutter you need to stow away. These bedroom storage ideas will help you figure out how you can create more storage space in your bedroom.

1. Bedroom Storage Ideas Space Utilization

Look around your bedroom with a critical eye for ways you can use the empty or dead space in your bedroom. You could replace your standard bed with a Murphy bed or wall bed. Then your bed will fold out of the way when not in use. You could then supplement your dresser or armoire with more creative furniture.

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Look up and see if you can mount shelves or a small cabinet up high. Perhaps you have a dead corner or a strange cutout in your walls that’s perfect for creating storage. Another option is to look for furniture that fits your specific space. For example, there are very shallow dressers to fit in places where a dresser with standard depth would take up too much room.

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2. Vanity Table Bedroom Storage Ideas

A vanity table is a perfect place where you can sit down and practice some self-care. In the morning, it’s the perfect place for applying makeup and getting ready for the day. At the end of the day, you can remove your makeup and moisturize.

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Don’t think you can’t have a vanity because you’re working with a small space. You could have a small table with a few drawers. Then place a large mirror above it. Don’t limit yourself to only considering vanity tables. As long as there’s a space to sit comfortably, you could turn any desk or table into a vanity space.

Once you choose a table that fits, look for ways you can make it work for you. There are drawer organizers that you can use to organize makeup and other personal care products.

3. Drawers and Dressers Bedroom Storage Ideas

A dresser with plenty of drawers will give you additional storage space beyond your bedroom closet. If you have a tiny bedroom, you’ll want to buy a dresser that fits the size of your small room. To get the most small bedroom storage, you can opt for a tall dresser or a wardrobe storage solution. These furniture pieces utilize the vertical space in your bedroom.

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Make the most of your dresser or wardrobe by using drawer dividers. These are inserts that you place in the drawers to help you keep your clothing organized. You’ll find spring-loaded options made from plastic or wood.

4. Ottoman and Bench Bedroom Storage Ideas

An ottoman or bench in your bedroom gives you the perfect place to sit down while you’re getting dressed. It’s the perfect place to sit down while you’re putting on pants or shoes. You can also use this piece of furniture to give you extra storage space.

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Look for a storage bench with a drawer in the front or a hinged lift top lid. Some ottomans have lids that lift off.

You can use this space to stow away seasonal clothing items, like winter sweaters and jackets or summertime bathing suits. You don’t use these items year-round, so you don’t need them taking up space in your dresser.

Another option is storing your extra bedding in an ottoman. This idea is perfect if you don’t have a linen closet or anywhere else to store them. You could even place an extra pillow or two in there for when you have guests over.

5. Built-in Bedroom Storage Ideas

Built-in shelving is the best way to utilize unused space. If you have a nook or awkward corner in your bedroom, then consider adding floating shelves to it. This idea will give you more storage without taking up additional floor space.

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If you have a plain square or rectangle room, then the only place you have to create built-in storage easily is your closet space. Take the traditional closet doors off and turn it into a large cabinet with shelves and drawers.

If you have a large enough bedroom, you can create a built-in look by building out. Build a shelving solution that spans the entire length and height of the wall. You could have some open shelving and some enclosed with cabinet doors. The front of this unit now becomes the “new wall,” and the entire unit looks like it was “built-in.”

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6. Basket and Bins Bedroom Storage Ideas

Storage baskets and bins are an easy way to organize your belongings in one place. If you have a more bohemian, rustic, or farmhouse decor design, individual baskets are the perfect accent and organizational tool. If you have the floor space, you can line them up along the foot of your bed and use them to gather your laundry. Or you could have them lined up along a wall to hold pillows and blankets.

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If you have more items to organize, then storage cubes are a smart choice. You could line them on shelves or place an entire unit specifically designed for holding cubes. Each cube could hold something different, such as shoes, scarves, hats, purses, or even underwear.

Baskets and bins create a great opportunity to add natural materials and warmth to your room. Look for bins made of wood or baskets made of woven wicker or rattan. Your other option is to choose colored fabric bins. You could have them be all one color, or choose complementary colors.

7. Under Bed Storage Ideas

Unless your bed sits directly on the ground, there’s wasted space under your bed. One of the most popular bedroom organization ideas is to create under bed storage. You don’t need to lift your bed very high, either. However, a loft bed will give you the most usable space underneath. Most people opt for plastic risers that lift the bed several more inches off of the ground.

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The most popular storage solution is to slide containers under the bed. You can find ones that are long and low. Another option is to buy a bed frame with built-in drawers, also known as a captain’s bed. This style creates a clean look. You could store anything under your bed, from spare bedding to shoes.

8. Wall Hangers and Shelf Bedroom Storage Ideas

You have more options than mounting a floating shelf on your wall. If you have plenty of wall space, you can mount an entire organizational unit. You could mount a board that has several hooks on it. Then you can hang jackets, bags, scarves, or anything else from the hooks.

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Another common organizational solution is around the headboard. Instead of the standard flat headboard, you could build a shelving or cubby unit on the wall around your bed. You could keep it low or build it up to the entire height of the wall so it reaches the ceiling.

Another option is to create a convertible storage solution. A pegboard allows you to hang several styles of hooks or insert posts to support shelves. Adjustable storage lets you move and change how you use the space, depending on your needs.

9. Bookshelf Bedroom Storage Ideas

You can use bookshelves for more than just holding books. You could use the shelves as a place for storing your collection of knick-knacks, figurines, or anything else. If you have a lot of pictures, you can arrange the frames on each shelf.

To get the most out of your bookshelf, figure out the ideal placement in your room and the best size and design. A larger room with a taller ceiling can support a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf made of solid wood. A smaller bedroom will work better with a bookshelf with an open frame and glass shelves. If you have a workspace or desk in your room, you can build the bookshelf into that to create an entirely separate space.

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10. Night Stand With Storage Ideas

A nightstand gives you the perfect place to create a bedside caddy. You could choose one that has cabinet doors with hidden shelves or one with one or two drawers.

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Look for a bedside table that matches the rest of the decor in your bedroom. It could be wood, metal, plastic, or laminate. It could be rustic with rough-hewn edges or ultra-glam with mirror inlays and gold trim. If you like your furniture to match, you could look for a set that comes with a bed frame and side tables.

11. Bedroom Storage Ideas With Cabinets

Sometimes you need to get creative in how you store your belongings. It helps to let your possessions dictate how you create your storage. If you have an extensive collection of jewelry and accessories, then a cabinet behind the bedroom door could be the perfect solution.

Shoe storage creates a unique opportunity. You could store them under the bed, on floating shelves, on a rack in your closet, or a hanging rack. Another common storage solution is a bedside caddy that hooks on the side of your bed frame. It will be perfect for stowing away TV remotes, reading glasses, and a magazine or book.

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12. Bedroom Storage Ideas with Shelving 

You can have as many or as few shelves as you need. You might consider installing a single shelf that extends the entire length of the wall. Another option is lining a wall with several floating shelves. If you don’t want to mount the shelves onto your wall, you could buy a freestanding shelving unit.

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Look for shelves that fit the style of your room. A rustic, farmhouse, or bohemian theme will look nice with a shelving unit made of wood. Look for one that highlights the natural wood grain. A modern or minimalist bedroom looks great with shelving that matches the color of the room. Then the shelves will blend into the wall and give a more streamlined look.

13. Small Cabinets Bedroom Storage Ideas

If you have a small bedroom space, then a small cabinet can be the perfect addition to your room. It will also help your bedroom to look organized. Unlike shelves, you can hide mess and clutter behind the cabinet doors.

Hidden storage is ideal if you struggle to be neat or stay organized. Then you can still be messy, but it’s all hidden to give the illusion of organization. Look for a cabinet on legs; this will raise it off the floor and create space underneath. Furniture with this look helps your bedroom to feel more spacious and larger.

Bedroom Storage FAQs
How do I build shelves in my room?

First, decide what type of shelves you want to build. You could build some simple shelves out of wood. Then choose how you’ll mount the shelf on the wall. You can buy supports and hardware from your local home improvement store.

How much weight can floating shelves hold?

This will depend on how well you build the shelf and mount it on the wall. If you hang a shelf only on the drywall, it won’t hold very much weight. For a strong shelf that can support heavier items, mount your shelf with larger hardware and into the studs. This will give the shelf a strong and stable base to support a larger amount of weight.

How do you store clothes with little space?

Look for ways you can maximize your space. Shelves will hold more than drawers. You can add an extender rod to increase your hanging space. Look for hanging baskets that can mount underneath your shelves in this empty space. Try hooks for smaller items, like scarves, belts, and hats.

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