Raise your hands if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by stacks of boxes and lids

The Tupperware takeover is real and most of us seem to shy away from it by either pushing the boxes far from sight or dumping them in a collective bin. The end result is a neat freak’s nightmare. Not to mention, the endless frustration while searching for matching pairs. Or even worse, choosing the wrong combination and ending up with spilled food.

Before a sales lady haunts us to say not all containers are Tupperware, we’ll correct the misnomer. Tupperware is a brand of high-quality plastic containers. Since it has amassed such popularity, Tupperware has become a common term of reference. This includes all shapes, sizes, and colors present in the world of containers.

If you’ve been bested by these tiny plastic vessels, fear not. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can tackle the Tupperware army and take back your kitchen. Read on to find out more.
13 Ways to Organize Tupperware and Food Storage Containers 1. A DIY Stacker

DIY passion shows how to create the perfect storage space. She puts together a handy container with a bit of woodwork. The tote is installed with pegs that separate the lids from the boxes, which makes it easier to find matches in a hurry.

Best of all, it is a versatile system. You can expand and remove the pegs as and when your collection varies.
2. The 5-step Fix

Sorting out Tupperware has never been easier. Following these five steps from Today’s parents will give you the storage system of your dreams. It is quick and easy to follow and requires nothing but the willpower to get you started. Pull up your sleeves and get ready to finally put all your container woes to rest.
3. The Pull-out Pantry
Credit: DIY Passion

The best way to tackle the issue of limited storage space is to create more. This DIY shows how to make the most of the minimal space laying bare around the kitchen, like besides the fridge.

By creating a pull-out pantry, you can put away your food containers in a designated space which will make it more accessible. What’s more, there will be no more vessels cluttering your island, since they’ll all be tucked away nicely.
4. The Nest Technique

Less is more, and this is beautifully illustrated by Abby at Just A Girl and Her Blog. Her method for organizing containers is to go by the grouping method. This helps her to find out where each container is placed, without breaking into a sweat. Moreover, the end result looks like something directly out of a home keeping magazine, so it’s a win-win on both ends.
5. Using Plate Racks

The answer to your Tupperware issues might just have been in front of your eyes all this time. With various sized bins and a range of lids, it doesn’t take much for your collection of Tupperware to get out of hand.  Thankfully, HGTV has figured it all out for us and you can smartly keep them organized with the help of a plate rack.
6. Create an Under Shelf Basket
Credit: BHG

For the larger vessels lying around, the undershelf is the perfect hiding spot. Since these containers aren’t used on a daily and can, therefore, be stored away for later use. The under shelf storage of your cabinets see little light, and therefore will not mix up with the rest of your crockery. This makes your sorting system quicker, easier and best of all, more affordable.
7. Use Book Bins
Credit: BHG

Keeps your cabinets from getting chaotic and messy by placing a few book bins in your drawer. Assign a particular task to each book bin. This will help to maintain a more organized system than just throwing in all elements of food ware in a single box.

Label each so that no one in the household can mess them up. Book bins come in a variety of shapes and patterns, so find one that appeals to you the most.
8. Mounted Lid Collector
Credit: BHG

Add a new item to your stationery shopping list, file holders. File holders take up no space and can be attached to stray walls or shelf doors. There is a plethora of stuff they can hold, from Tupperware lids to the rubber rings that come with the. Attach a few and it’ll make finding the lid so much faster. No small lids will ever escape your sight again.
9. Tension Rod Compartments

We cannot stress enough on how convenient tension rods make our life, and Montana Praire Tales agrees with us. They have used tension rods to create mini compartment in their drawer. Each compartment has its own designated function. Since you’ll be the one to install these rods, the choice of how much space you would want to allot to each section is completely in your hands.
10. Magazine Holders
Credit: BHG

This technique is all in the vogue of organizing. A magazine shelf with its pre devoted sections can easily accommodate and segregate your crockery to kits type. We love the way it has been utilized to achieve a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing look.
11. Peg Board Drawer

All hail the pegboard to the rescue. They are as fun as they look and will relieve you from the stress of looking at a disorganized kitchen every day. Pegboards come in a variety of sizes, so you should be able to find on that suits your kitchen capacities the best. Take inspiration from Merrypad who flawlessly executed the technique of sorting according to space.
12. Storage Shelf

Take the leap and invest in a storage shelf, or make one of your own. Since certain shelves are dedicated to holding food containers, they are designed to hold all the elements in a well-ordered fashion. We are particularly in awe of this DIY system that was made on Handymans Daughter for as little as 75$.
13. Cooling Racks
Credit: Pinterest

Most people use cooling racks for their cookies and cakes but we are going a step further. This idea is nothing short of genius, and the credit for it goes to Listotic. they have used dollar store’s cooling racks for this hack. The cooling racks can be modified as per the space you have. You can even place them on top of another basket and use them as dividing shelves for your lids.

There you have it, thirteen amazing ideas to gear you up and get those pesky Tupperware finally out of the way. Seek inspiration from any one of these, or create your own mix and match up.

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