So you have a habit of creating all sorts of knick-knacks and handmade ornament

s. That’s all cool and lovely and you should be proud of yourself for being so creative. But think of this for a moment: wouldn’t it feel right to have a craft table or island with storage for all your crafting materials, a space where everything has its own place?

15 Craft Tables to Add Additional Storage Space to Your Home
1. Four-Person Craft Table with Storage

A craft table like this one would be perfect for the kids. It has room for four persons, each with their own supplies. Perfect for shared projects they might enjoy doing with friends. You can have one custom-made or build one yourself. Four towers need to support the tabletop, each with shelves and drawers for the supplies.

2. A Practical Craft Island

This is a craft island. It’s practical, simple-looking, and has enough room underneath for storage and display. It’s ideal for the occasional DIY projects and, when not used for this intended purpose, it can still be a useful piece of furniture. You can use it in the laundry room for example where it would come in handy.

3. DIY Craft Table from Bookcases

This is a DIY craft table, easy to make using bookcases and hollow core doors. Use the bookshelves to form the base and the shelves will provide useful storage space for all the supplies and materials. The doors can form the top of the table. Depending on the dimensions you prefer you might not even need to modify the doors at all. {found on hometalk}.

4. Large Multifunctional Craft Table

Given how large this craft table is, it would be wise to make it multifunctional. Maybe you can also use it as a desk and put it in your home office. As you can see, it can be used by two persons at the same time so while you work on your little DIY projects, someone else can do something different. And although it is large, it’s actually easy to build. {found on infarrantlycreative}.

5. Storage Cube Craft Table

When designing your craft table, you have to be clever with storage. This one has a base made from a bunch of storage cubes, put together like a puzzle. Some are hidden underneath the table and you can use those secret compartments to keep things you rarely use or things you’d rather keep private.

6. Versatile Craft Table, Workspace, and Desk

But maybe you don’t need a large craft table and only a small surface and a few shelves. In that case, it’s best to get a table that has a versatile design and tackles more than one task. It can also be your workspace, desk, coffee nook, or bistro table. Whatever the case is, it will function as a handy workstation.Available for $229.

7. Bookcase Craft Island

If you’re in the mood for an Ikea hack, here’s an idea: take two Expedit bookshelves and use them to build the base for your craft island. If you’d like it to be bigger, add a smaller bookshelf at one end. Then take a solid core door and use it as a tabletop. Stain it to hive it the look you want and then put the pieces together. It’s so simple you can do this in a day. Once you’re done with the building part, start customizing your craft table the way you want.{found on dejongdreamhouse}.

8. Symmetrical DIY Craft Table

There are tons of other designs you can use if you prefer to build your own craft table. Make it any size you want, any color you like, and include as much storage as you need. This one is super easy to make. It has a symmetrical design, with two bookshelves on either side forming the base and a piece of plywood for the top.

9. Craft Room Centerpiece Table

If you’re serious about your DIY projects, then you might want to have a craft room. In that case, the craft table or island would be at the center of the room and you could have additional storage on the walls. Use storage bins, boxes, or baskets for the island and you can have drawers for the wall cabinets.

10. Home School Station and Craft Table

Here’s another custom-made craft table that was actually designed as a homeschool station. It’s excellent for shared projects, encourages teamwork, and is something you can easily design and even build yourself.

11. Unique Craft Table with Magnetic Chalkboard

You can design your craft table with all sorts of fun features. For example, this one has a hole for all the cords as well as a power strip attached underneath the table. It also has a corkboard and a magnetic chalkboard. The base is made of bookshelves and is ideal for storing items that are used often. {found on craftsbyamanda}.

12. Simple DIY Built-In Craft Desk

If you feel like some of the designs listed above are a little too fancy for you, consider this simple built-in craft desk from Practically Functional. The top of this desk is made from a full-sized door, which preferably won’t have any decoration on it. All you’ll need to be able to do is paint the door and screw a few pieces together, and you’ll be good to go. You’ll find plenty of storage space thanks to the cube storage shelves, which allow you to store baskets with all your crafting supplies.

13. Colorful Crafting Table

Kids and teens who love to craft will enjoy working from this colorful crafting table. It’s made to be the perfect height for kids, and a door will act as the surface for their favorite crafts. You’ll have cube organizers at the end of the table, so there’s no excuse for your kids’ crafting materials to be spread all over the place. Of course, you can make this table from Martha Stewart as fun and colorful as you like by painting the door a vibrant color to match your craft room or your child’s bedroom.

14. Kids DIY Craft Station

Give your kids their own dedicated crafting station, thanks to this DIY project from Handmade Charlotte. The pegboard panel that’s used in this project makes it so easy to store various pens and materials and adds a funky and modern design to your home. Pegboard wire baskets fit in easily, so your kids will have a place to store everything after their crafting session. Also, you’ll love how cheap this project is to complete, as the whole craft station should cost you less than $50 to make.

15. DIY Mounted Wall Craft Desk

If you are short on space in your home for crafting, you’ll love this mounted wall desk from The Crafted Life. You’ll find you need minimal space in your home to create this fun design, and all of your crafting supplies will have a home on the wall above your desk. Add little splashes of color throughout the design to create a modern and fun piece of furniture for your craft room or home office.

All of these craft tables offer great storage solutions for anyone who loves to spend their free time crafting. You’ll find options here for small and large spaces, which will help to avoid your supplies getting spread around the house. If you have kids or teens who love to craft, they’ll enjoy having a dedicated space of their own, where they can enjoy completing their projects with ease.

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