Spacious. It’s a common adjective to advertise real estate. After all, spaciousness is a selling point. Almost everyone on the market for a new home envisions it to be uncluttered, open, simplistic, unfettered by material objects and reminders of the outside world. And of course, when you’re checking out new houses, many of them do look extremely vast – most empty spaces do. It’s after you get your furniture and belongings in them that things start to feel a bit cramped.
Space Saving Tips for New Homeowners
So, what can you do? You want to embrace minimalism and ascend the material, yet, you have your kid’s toys, your extensive wardrobe, your books, kitchen utensils, etc. to think about. The key is organization. Finding ways to save space in your house can help to maintain at least some modicum of grandeur. At Colonial Van Lines, we know a bit about making the most of a small amount of space because of our experience with packing, so we thought we might be able to give you a few helpful pointers on making the most of the space in your new home.
Paint Your New Home White
If you don’t have an exact color scheme in mind, consider going with all white. Of all the colors, white reflects the most amount of light and instantly creates an airy open feel.
Separate Rooms in Your New Home Into Zones
Often in a small living area, rooms will serve more than one purpose. Rather than throwing everything together, try creating zones in the room to separate it into spaces; define the functions of each space and organize your belongings accordingly. For instance, if your main living space is one big room, consider dividing it up into smaller areas, such as the dining area, living room area, den, or toy room. Once you have an idea of what purpose each area serves, it will give you a better idea of how to organize.
Maximize Closet Space in Your New Home
Not all of us are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet of Kardashian proportions, yet with growing kids, a fashionable mom, and a dad with a large tie collection, closet space is quite a commodity. These days closet systems are the go-to for wardrobe expansion. Closet systems are most basically a combination of rods shelves, perhaps drawers, shoe shelves and other organizational accessories built into your closet. They give your belonging a home and make them easier to find. For a closet organizer system that will take your closet to the next few levels, check out the Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe on Amazon. It’s ready to use in and comes in a variety of closet sizes.
Use Space in Your New Home Creatively
Just because space is intended for a certain function, it doesn’t mean that it has to serve it. Think outside of the 8×8 space in your basement that was designated for storage (for example). Clean it out and try to find space in the house, such as the garage, to store the remaining items. Consider turning your entryway into a pantry space, or a place for the family members to hang their outerwear.
Keep Items off the Floor of Your New Home
Closets are for storage, the garage is for storage, the basement is for storage. If you’re looking to maximize space in your new house, the floor should not be for storage. Remember, floor space is a valuable commodity when you’re buying a house. Instead of storing your items on the floor, invest in some inexpensive shelving units, such as the eeze Rack Steel Wire Shelving Storage Rack on Amazon. With five shelves and heavy-duty construction, this rack will keep your items “floorless.”
Make Use of Vertical Space in Your New Home
 Rise above the clutter by making the most of your vertical space. Think bunk beds, vertical shelving units, bookcases, and pegboards to hold supplies. Check out the Azar Pegboard Organizer on Amazon. In nine different colors, this 70-piece set is a phenomenal way to organize any area.
Be Careful of What You Bring In
It may have seemed to be a smart purchase at the 99Cent Store, but it’s most likely to translate into clutter once you get it home. We know it’s been said before, but think before you buy. Not only will doing so save you money (every 99cents counts!) but it will also keep the disarray to a minimum.
Create Outdoor Living Space
Expand your comfort zone by creating an outdoor living area. With a few small adjustments, you can turn your patio, porch or outdoor area into a functional and comfortable living space that can be used for al fresco events with friends or just for taking in the sun and fresh air. To create a homey feel, rather than placing all the furniture against the wall, set up an extra couch or set of chairs facing the house. This way guests can talk to each other, play cards, or enjoy dinner in an intimate and comfortable setting.
Colonial Van Lines: Maximizing Space, Time, and Money Minimizing Stress
After 50 years of packing and moving experience, Colonial Van Lines have learned a lot about making the most of space. We’ve learned how pack all of your belongings to save as much space as possible, so we can simplify your move. We also save you time. By packing your belongings quickly and efficiently, we narrow down the number of trips we have to make to and from the house. We also save you money. The less time the move takes, the less you’ll need to invest in your move. But while we maximize your space, time and money, we keep stress down to a minimum.

When you hire our licensed insured movers, you have the security of knowing you have a skilled and well-trained team at your side to walk you through the process from start to finish. Whether it’s packing you need assistance with or simply transportation, our specialists will communicate with you constantly throughout the whole process.

On top of our outstanding movers, we come up with a customized moving plan designed around your budget and your specific moving requirements. Once you provide us with the basic details, we give you a free rate quote with a line by line breakdown of your expenses. We don’t make you sign a contract until you have a had a chance it over carefully. At Colonial, there are no hidden fees or added services you never requested. You tell us your needs and budget and we adjust accordingly.

Whether it’s maximizing the space in your new home, or minimizing the stress of moving into it,
Colonial Van Lines can help you out. Call for our free rate quote to get started.

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