Sweet And Soothing Pink And Blue Interiors

Pink and blue interior designn has that wonderful mix of warm meets cool, sweetness meets soothing. It’s an emotional colour combo that feels like a happy hug. It is also a very youthful palette, so how does it translate into a more elegant modern interior? This collection of four pink and blue home interiors illustrate how to put together room designs that are not only vibrant and colourful, but have an air of refinement too. These homes are also all anchored at the smaller end of the residential scale, and so effectively illustrate just how much colour can be poured into tighter proportions without flooding the sense of space or calm.

Designer: Lextav Studio   Visualizer: Martin Kováčik  

Gentle pink meets peacock blue in this elegant modern living room. A set of botanical prints bring added accent tones to a misty grey wall, and also work to anchor the sofa in its central alignment.

An ottoman coffee table fits into the elbow of the L-shaped sofa design. A silver grey rug holds the arrangement together.

With the couch pulled forward from the windows, a spot opens up behind for a home workspace and a music area.

An upholstered bench takes the blue accent into the music corner. Pink panels colour the wall.

Wood slats are used throughout the interior to build added textural interest and to establish zoning.

A grey slatted panel marks out the home workspace, making it a small room within a room. A light oak effect desk matches with the lightness of the laminate floor. A comfortable grey desk chair is colour matched to the subtle wall shade.

More grey slats and a perpendicular full length mirror make a big feature of a small white entryway table.

A built-in entryway bench with shoe storage and custom closets fill the other side of the hallway. Grey and wood grain panels build a sleek mount for a set of stylish coat hooks.

Visualizer: Man Studio  

Blue dining chairs set down a core colour in the small open plan of our second home tour.

A matching blue kitchen runs alongside the small dining table, under plain white wall units that lighten up the look.

The tiny white and blue kitchen makes up for lack of floor space by extending storage all the way to the ceiling line.

Sugary pink hallway decor forms a delicious colour clash with the neighbouring bright blue kitchen.

Pink pegboard panels decorate the walls of the hallway. An entryway bench is finished in the same shade to achieve a fully saturated scheme.

Yellow exterior paint and coordinated modern outdoor chairs bring sunshine to the balcony even on rainy days.

A glass room divider shields the sofa from front door draughts, and forms a mini entryway to the bedroom.

Inside the bedroom, a pink and blue storage wall infuses the room with vibrant colour. A white KAWS figurine is given prime position inside a contrasting pink accent niche.

Another Star Wars themed Star Wars themed KAWS adorns one of the glossy grey bedside cabinets. A bespoke tufted headboard spans the set of bedroom furniture, uniting the bed and bedsides into one consolidated piece.

The cool grey and white bed set grounds the scheme and allows the stronger coloured pieces to shine.

A modern rustic vanity table complements the wood flooring.

A black vanity mirror ties in with the slender black framework of the dressing table. A low plant stand brings an indoor plant to the vanity ensemble.

The shower room/utility is located just off the home entryway.

Dusky pink paintwork drops a soothing muted tone over the small room. A neat bathroom vanity light illuminates not only the bathroom sink but the whole of the compact space.

Clean white tilework brightens the space.

Floor plan.

Visualizer: Ślusarczyk 3D  

We enter our third featured home tour via an elegant white kitchen design, and a small dining table encircled by powder pink chairs.

Gold accents bring luxe to the little living room, in the form of a gleaming sputnik chandelier, gold side tables and picture frames. A white console table adds a pop of white to a deep prussian blue wall.

Gold hardware makes the plain white kitchen into a refined culinary space.

A tall mirror breaks up the dark blue accent wall, which wraps around to cover the entry door into the bedroom too.

The headboard wall of the bedroom is painted with a colour blocked effect that visually widens the room. Blue glass bedroom pendant lights, blue wall art and matching bed accessories tease out the accent shade.

A plush blue and gold chair sits regally at the makeup table.

Stunning blue decorative floor tiles meet glossy white marble in the bathroom.

The wonderful tiles make a second appearance in the home entryway, where they’re reflected in full length closet mirrors. A built-in entryway bench and a glass panel work together to partially screen off the kitchen.

Visualizer: Lux Tenebris  

Our final pink and blue theme plays upon great expanses of white.

White marble backs a blue kitchen design, and tops a dining table surrounded by blue cushioned chairs. A copper faucet pops against the paleness.

Under cabinet lighting accentuates the luxe kitchen backsplash.

Bleached wood treads and risers cap an open sided staircase design that’s packed with storage beneath.

The staircase leads to a bright mezzanine living room.

The copper accent follows on upstairs in a modern pendant light and small small coffee table set.

The bedroom is out of this world with a cosmic moon mural and fabulous blue and copper marbled pillows. A celestial globe pendant light shines over each bedside.

Geometric pink panels make a tactile backdrop.

1. Marquee Letters 2. Vases 3. Pink sofa 4. Blue lounge chair 5. Blue ottoman coffee table 6. Blue table lamp 7. Pink floor lamp 8. Pink and blue wall art 9. Pink pendant light

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