The Best Cutting Boards on the Block

Figs with blue cheese? Grilled pineapple? Peach galette? Everything just tastes better when it’s warm outside. And all those delicious summer bites begin and end with a solid cutting board. 

Newly sharpened knife in-hand, we feel our most powerful after a serious round of chopping in the kitchen. We often wish we could present our hard work right then and there, rather than spend the time plating it on a serving platter. It got us thinking: What if our cutting board wasn’t just for slicing but for presenting too? These eight sturdy, colorful picks are pretty enough to leave on the table. 
The One You Don’t Need to Worry About Scratching

Nashi Home Resin Cutting Board, Anthropologie ($120)

This resin board was designed to mimic the movement of ocean waves, so any nicks you make on its aqua-colored surface will just blend right in. 
The One That Makes Cooking Way Easier

Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Foldable Plastic Cutting Board, Amazon ($16.99)

Try transferring ingredients from a flat board to a pan without dropping something. This clever alternative features a handle for better leverage and foldable edges for foolproof transportation.
The Ones That Are (Almost) Too Pretty to Use

Muller van Severen Cutting Boards, Valerie Objects ($880)

Muller van Severen’s sculptural cutting boards are meant to hang from a simple wooden peg on the wall. Pick and choose which shape is right for the task at hand. 
The Eco-Friendly One

reBoard, Material ($35 each)

Material Kitchen’s latest launch lets you do more with the company’s cult-favorite knives. Dubbed reBoards, the colorful planks are named for the fact that they’re made solely from recycled plastic and renewable sugarcane.
The One That’s Secretly Two

Duo Server by Bower, Leibal ($170)

What’s a party without a magic trick? When you’re ready to wow guests, simply slide the marble trivet out from this maple board to pass whatever snack is on top around the table. 
The Surprisingly Tough One

Colorful Rings Cutting Board, MoMA Design Store ($25)

This circular rainbow design looks like it’s just for show, but it’s actually made of tempered glass that’s nonporous (no stains!) and heat-resistant (use it as a trivet!). 
The Baguette One

Baguette Cutting Board XL by Lostine, Horne ($140)

French bread has met its match: This extra-long board will make appetizer hour a breeze. Just add cheese. 
The One That Belongs at the Barbecue

Carving Board, East Fork ($180)

Rest your piping-hot grilled steaks, burgers, and the like on this white oak board. The slight recess will catch any juices (sparing your countertop)
The One That Isn’t Going Anywhere

Round Chopping Board by Hay, Garmentory ($38)

Hay’s durable polyethylene chopping board features sticky dots on the bottom so it will stay put as you slice. 

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