The dream kitchens you see on TV and in your favorite home magazines will often feature glass front custom cabinets and floating shelve

The dream kitchens you see on TV and in your favorite home magazines will often feature glass front custom cabinets and floating shelve

s. These timeless cabinetry trends are hot with homeowners and buyers, as tastes continue to shift towards open, airy kitchens with personalized touches. But having your storage on display for all to see can be intimidating when it comes to designing your own kitchen. Here, we’ll teach you how to style floating shelves and glass front cabinets in order to capture that magazine-quality look for yourself!

Make sure your display is functional.

Open shelving can help to make a kitchen more efficient, giving easy access to items used on a daily basis. If you have the chance to visit Julia Child’s kitchen in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, you will see hundreds of cooking tools and utensils kept out in the open and  close at hand. This is a prime example of an efficient kitchen for anyone who loves to cook. Today, we have inside cabinet accessories and floating shelves to help create a more functional kitchen without the use of pot racks and pegboard, but we can still be inspired by—and take a tip from—this culinary TV icon. 

Show off your unique sense of style.

While items on display should serve a function in the kitchen, it’s best to hide mile-high stacks of plates and mismatched mugs behind closed doors, and reserve open shelves and glass front cabinets for your most beloved pieces. For some, it could be a collection of Depression glassware passed down from Grandma, and for others, it might mean a special set of hand-crafted pottery canisters for holding tea, sugar and flour. Whatever you choose to display, make sure it shows off your personality and sense of style.

Don’t overcrowd the shelves. 

Dream kitchens are never cluttered. Once you decide what you want to spotlight within your glass front custom cabinets or on your open shelving, pare down your items to make sure they fit the space you have available, and vary the size and scale for visual interest. Overcrowding your open shelves looks messy and makes it almost impossible to clean without pulling everything down onto your countertops first. Instead, create a pleasing arrangement that adds some flair to your kitchen decor while still serving a purpose. 

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