This Is The Best Hack Ever For Dealing With Pet Hair

We get to see a lot of my grand-puppy Milo, who lives in our basement apartment with my son Erik and daughter-in-law Kaitlyn. But we’ve also been seeing a lot of Kona this summer too!

Kona belongs to Aliyah, my son Kell’s girlfriend. And since Kell is living with us for the summer, Aliyah and Kona have been frequent visitors!

The Summer Of Dogs
But having two dogs running around the house all summer hasn’t really phased me. Because even though my own kids didn’t have a dog growing up, my siblings and I had one when we were kids!

Shane was a Vizsla whose energy knew no bounds, so watching Kona and Milo romp around the backyard has been rather tame by comparison. (It’s a far cry from the days of my youth, when “Shane’s coming!” was our cue to dive behind the couch to avoid getting trampled by him as he sprinted inside!)

Facing The Fur Problem
If there’s anything about having Milo and Kona over that has required some adjustment on my part, it’s all the dog fur. How can two short-haired dogs shed so much fur? (Especially when you consider that one of those dogs has alopecia!!)

I was contemplating this question the other day and wondering what to do about it, because I couldn’t find a lint roller anywhere. That’s when I came across a brilliant cleaning hack for making a super-sticky DIY lint roller on the fly!

This hack ended up working better than I could have hoped, so I wanted to pass it along to all of you today! Whether you find yourself in need of a lint roller like I was, or you just need something extra sticky to help clean up a mess, this simple hack is sure to be the perfect solution!

Tools & Supplies
Here’s what you’ll need to make a mega-sized lint roller:
Paint roller Duct tape (Preferably a residue-free tape!)

How To Make A Heavy Duty DIY Lint Roller With the sticky side facing out, wrap a piece of duct tape around your paint roller and stick the tape to itself to secure it. Continue wrapping pieces of duct tape around the roller until it is covered from end to end in sticky duct tape. Your heavy duty lint roller is ready to use! Check out the list below for a list of ways to put it to work.

Using Your DIY Lint Roller
Here are a few places where your heavy duty lint roller can come in handy in the battle against hair, dust, and general debris:
Pet beds Clothing Upholstered furniture Entryway Tapestries & wall hangings Bathroom floor Car seats & floor mats
Do you have any tips, tricks, or hacks that you use to deal with pet hair?
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