To fix your own bike, you’ll need the right tool

To fix your own bike, you’ll need the right tool

s. These are the best bike tools for every budget.

Best Bike Tools

Getting a broken bike back to its former glory is just as rewarding to some as grabbing a coveted KOM. Well, maybe not that great, but there is pleasure found in do-it-yourself repairs. For that to happen, you need the tools, and many bike tools are very specific. Home mechanics require a sturdy, set of hex wrenches, but there are many more component-specific tools for bottom bracket repairs as well as chain and cassette removal. There are also “make your life easier” tools, such as Park Tool’s master-link pliers or and cable pullers (aka the Fourth Hand Tool). For these specialty tools, we turn to the best in the industry to show us the way. So grab a seat, and read on, and you’ll fixing your bike faster than you can say, “What’s the turn-around time?”

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Bike Tool Sets and Repair Kits

To make life easier for beginner home bike mechanics, most tool makers offer complete repair kits. These kits have everything you need to get your hands dirty and start repairs ASAP. They arrive with the tools you’ll need to perform necessary maintenance, and more expensive repair kits are designed to cover a broader range of repairs. Some high-end repair kits also feature rugged cases for travel or higher-quality equipment. Repair kits are a fantastic way to start your bike tool collection. As you’ll see, bike tool sets start at around $50 entry-level kits to cover basic maintenance and go all the way up to the professional level at $1,000+. Rest assured, there’s something here for everyone.

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Pedro’s Apprentice Bench Tool Kit

Pedro’s Apprentice Bench Tool Kit, which pieces together some of the brand’s best tools, is here to help you fix your bikes and some. From classic wrenches to bottom bracket and cassette Sockets, you’ll find the tools you need to get you back on the road in no time. The tools are all constructed from heat-treated and professional-grade steel, so they make a durable addition to your tool chest and look great on the garage pegboard.


From zero to everything to need to fix a bike in one purchase
Pedros stands behind its hand tools with a lifetime warranty 
Durable rubber coating last and keep tools fresh 


Some tools you may never use, such as the Campy BB tool 
$550 is steep for some tools that can be had for less at the hardware store

Price: $550.00


The Foundation 728 Bike Tool Kit is the perfect kit for jump-starting your own bike tool collection. The Foundation 728 Bike Tool Kit includes an arrangement of the most commonly used bikes tools for necessary upkeep and cleaning from tire levers to hub cone spanners. The custom-molded, nearly indestructible polycarbonate carrying case allows convenient storage and easy traveling. 


An inexpensive – reliable way to get into bicycle repair or up your travel tool kit
Contains most of the crucial tools for necessary repairs
Comes in a super cool practical carrying case 


Limited tool selection is a good start, but won’t cover all major repairs
Chain tool and hex wrenches are less durable for intensive use than Park and Pedros tools

Price: $60.00

Unior Pro Home Set

When you’ve mastered the basics and start to purchase some new tools, the Unior Pro Home Set will help you get to the next level. Trusted by the wrenches on the Trek Factory Racing Team, these tools are remarkably robust. Apart from the hexes above and cable cutters, it has rotor and wheel truing tools, a full suite of cassette tools, and master-link pliers.


Professional-level tools for a great price 
Beefy overbuilt style ensure these will stand the long haul
Superpro carrying case is carved out for each tool so no one is left behind.


Limited tool selection is a good start, but won’t cover all major repairs

Price: $400.00

Feedback Sports Ride Prep Tool Kit

Are you looking to fix a few things before the ride, or want a compact bike tool kit to stash in your car for on the go repairs? Feedback Sports Ride Prep Tool Kit comes to the rescue. This practical arrangement of tools gives you the ability to diagnose and attack simple maintenance fixes in the comfort of your own garage or parking lot.  


Super travel-friendly tool kit addresses standard pre- and post-ride issues
All tools are sturdy professional-grade tools made to handle years of hard use
Convenient case travels well on bikepacking trips


Y wrenches handles are not the best for all bike repair jobs 
No cassette removal tools

Price: $100.00

Park Tool SK-4 Bicycle Home Mechanic Starter Tool Kit

If you’re looking to amass some bike tools, the Park Tool SK-4 is a great start. A right combination of tools to help a home mechanic clean, adjust, maintain, and perform necessary repairs on their bike and maybe the neighborhoods. The SK-4 includes more than 15 genuine Park Tool products that can perform dozens of tasks. Everything arrives in a custom Park Tool toolbox with extra room for spare parts and more tools.


Everything you need to start repairing bicycles and some. extra
Comes with a custom Park Toolbox to transport and store
BBB-4 will help guide you along the way to repair success! 


Lacks more complex tools need in some repairs in the BBB-4
Precocious mechanics will outgrow the toolbox quickly 

Price: $150.00

Abbey Bike Tools Team Issue Toolbox

When you go big – you go to Abbey Bike Tools and get the Team Issue Toolbox. This thing has it all, but make sure you know how to use the tools to make it worth the investment. The box takes it a step farther with unique foam cutout dwellings for each kit’s specialized tools. There are no more drop-in sleeves or random holds to dig through, only professional retainers for some Abbey Bike Tool’s most frequently used bits of equipment. Included in the kit are core tools that professionals rely on to complement larger shop-specific, top-echelon tools. Pliers, screwdrivers, cutters, crank and cassette tools, and a full complement of hex wrenches, among others, occupy the top cover and first two layers of the durable Pelican Case, engraved with the Abbey Bike Tools logo. The bottom hold is yours to customize. Removable foam blocks reveal compartments for your gear like bleed kits and lubes. Fully opened, you’ll have four “shelves” of tools at your disposal for the ultimate on-the-trails workshop.


This is the top of the line tool kit has everything you need to start ripping repairs 
The Pelican carrying case with cutouts in the next level customization
Abbey Tools attention to detail is well observed in each piece 


Price: This is only for the big spender 
For $1,350, I would like to see a beer holder

Price: $1350.00

Must-Have Bike Tools for the Home Mechanic

If you have a tool kit or are confident with the setup of your garage but need some sprinkles of excellence, these are the bike tools to get. After years of working in shops repairing bikes, I still have the go-to tools I must have on my home pegboard. These shop-quality tools have the staying power to take a beating without beating on your bike. Because sometimes a mechanic is only as good as their tools. The following are pieces that will make your repairs easier.

Feedback Sports Cassette Pliers

An alternative to chain whips, the Feedback Sports cassette pliers are one of our favorite bike tools. This pair of cassette pliers is self-adjusting to quickly and securely hold your cassette without damaging cogs when you’re torquing to remove the lockring.


Easy to use with little chance of bashing your knuckles on the cogs
Supreme holding power for those super sticky lockrings


Can be overkill for infrequent cassette changes when a less expensive chain whip does the job

Price: $36.00

Feedback Sports Bottom Bracket Cassette Wrench

Save valuable space in your toolbox with the Feedback Sports bottom bracket cassette wrench. This is actually three bike tools in one: it can remove SRAM and Shimano cassette lockrings, some external bottom brackets, and function as a Centerlock brake rotor remover.


Functions as external bottom bracket wrench and center lock brake wrench
Cast steel construction is ultra-durable and looks great
Covered by Feedback Sports limited lifetime warranty


Does not work on all external bottom brackets

Price: $22.50

Park Tool MLP-1.2 Bicycle Chain Master Link Pliers

 The MLP-1.2 Master Link Pliers make removal and replacement of these master-links quick and effortless. Insert the specially sized jaws into the master link, squeeze the handles to open or pull the handles to close the connection. Compatible with 5-to-12-speed derailleur chains that use a master link, including SRAM AXS and Shimano XTR 12-speed.


A must-have for anyone working on bikes with a master link
Very easy to use, makes stubborn links come apart with very little force


Overkill for infrequent repairs

Price: $16.00

Bontrager Shock Pump

The Bontrager Shock Pump features a broad, easy-to-read gauge for accurate readings, a bleed valve for pinpoint accuracy, and a thread-on design that quickly attaches to the front and rear suspension shocks for a reliable, secure connection.


A super easy-to-read gauge that goes to 400 PSI
Threaded design for a secure connection that reduces bleed down
Priced just right for use at home and to keep one in the car


Some may find the pump handle hard to use at higher pressures

Price: $49.00

Pedro’s Cable Cutters

Pedro’s precision-ground heat-treated steel cable cutters are the best thing to snip those cables clean. Easy to use and super comfortable in the hands, these babies will last a lifetime. The thumb-lock closure is easy to open and protects the cutter when closed – perfect for the cyclist that has everything. 


Comfortable cushioned handles that are easy on the hands 
Trusted by professionals and guaranteed to last a lifetime


Can wear fast if you cut anything more than a brake or derailleur wire.  

Price: $35.00

Bontrager Dual Charger Floor Pump

A wide-body floor pump that can take the rigors of day-in-day-out service is a great tool. The Bontrager Daul Charger is just that. It features a 4 in. base-mounted easy-to-read gauge, a base-mounted switch that toggles between high-volume and high-pressure settings – plus an auto-select head that can accept both Schrader and Presta valves. 


Adjustable volume settings are perfect for airing up road and mountain bike tires quickly
Steel construction and replaceable internals provide long-term durability
A large, stable base minimizes tipping while cranking on the pump
Stores adapters for inflating balls and other sports equipment in the handle


Not compact for travel use

Price: $70.00

Park Tool THH-1 Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench Set

Designed and built specifically for use with any hex-shaped tool fitting found on a bicycle, the Park Tool THH-1 is a set of eight standard sizes of professional quality T-Handle hex wrenches made for speed, efficiency, leverage, and a perfect fit. Constructed from a carefully selected combination of Chrome Vanadium high tensile steel and S-2 tool steel, Park Tools T-handle wrenches are strong and durable – plus, they look amazing on the pegboard! 


Machined, chamfered tips for easy insertion into hex fittings
Integrated Strip-Gripper hex end specially shaped to aid in the removal of bolts with stripped or oversized fittings


Price – there are more accessible tools with fewer features at the same level

Price: $129.00

Park Tool CT-3.3 Bicycle Chain Tool

The Park Tool CT-3.3 is a professional shop-quality tool for removing and installing bicycle chain rivets for chain sizing and replacement. Compatible with 5-speed to 12-speed road and mountain bike chains, including SRAM AXS and Shimano XTR 12-speed and 1/8″, 3/16″, and half link single-speed chains. The CT-3.3 features an adjustable locating shelf for compatibility with any width of the chain. 


Comfortable handle when dealing with stuck pins 
Durable for the long haul – investment cast steel body, 
Quickly and easily replaceable driving pin for years of dependable use.


Does not work with Campagnolo 12 speed chains 
Does not work with BMX / Track chains 

Price: $36.00

PRO Shimano Torque Wrench System Adjustable 3-15NM

With so much carbon on modern bicycles, torque wrenches are becoming more of a necessity. No round-up of bike tools for the home mechanic is complete without a quality torque wrench. The PRO Torque Wrench will provide you everything you need to properly tighten the bolts on your stem, handlebars, seatpost, and more! No longer worry if you’re over-tightening your bolts and crushing your expensive carbon fiber components with the PRO Torque Wrench!


A solid range of adjustability from 3 to 15nm, for all stems/handlebars, seatposts, etc.
Includes M3, M4, M5, M6 T25, and T30 chrome vanadium sockets and extension
Small and easy to use plus it comes in its own storage box


Similar models sell for less but are not bike specific.
The reading indicator is small and could be hard for some to see

Price: $104.00

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