Unique Wall Art Ideas For Your Office

Whether you’re designing your desk at work or your home office, there are many ways to decorate your office space. While stylish furniture and large plants can transform a room, it’s important to consider wall decor as well. Besides showcasing pieces that inspire you to do your best work, there are plenty of unique wall art ideas that can spruce up an office space.

We’ve curated the most creative ways to fill empty walls, how to decide what type of decor fits best in your space, and even gathered some tips and tricks for small office spaces and home offices. Keep reading for our favorite wall art ideas for your office.

Picking Office Wall Art

The right wall decor idea is essential in any room as it can make a space both functional and comfortable. Before you pick art for your office, you should know that the process of decorating a workspace varies a bit from decorating any other room in your house. There are more things to consider than just taste and budget.

Gallery wall in office.

Your company logo and colors can be a great source of inspiration when picking out office art. If all the pictures on your website are black and white, it makes sense to keep this theme going in your workspace. If your logo is bright red, maybe pick wall art that has red accents to reflect your company’s identity. Implementing on-brand home decor in your office can help you get in a work mindset when entering the room.

Most importantly, the art you choose should make you feel good about the space you work in. Pick art that’s motivating, inspiring, and uplifting — you’ll see that it will positively affect your productivity and focus.

Office Theme

In order to achieve a cohesive look, you can match your office decor and wall art to the interior design of your office space. In general, offices have simple and clean interiors, which give you plenty of creative freedom when personalizing your own space. Keeping in mind the design aesthetic of your office can spark inspiration when picking out personal art and decor elements.

Modern interior design is one of the most commonly used styles in office spaces. It evolved in the early to mid 20th century and is characterized by its metal, glass, and chrome surfaces and features. Modern office decor is kept minimal and focuses mainly on art. Similar to the modern office design, contemporary offices are characterized by their simplicity, although this style has softer features. Ideal decor elements for contemporary spaces are large, framed canvas wall art or metallic framed art prints.

Framed posters hanging above couch.

The minimalist design focuses on the absolute essentials and stays clear of clutter and unnecessary decor. The clean lines and simple finishes of this design style should also be reflected in your office wall art. In a minimalist office, a single framed print can function as a statement piece. The rustic design is defined by natural materials and romantic touches. Much like the minimalist design, it focuses on the essentials but feels much warmer and more lived in. Since the rustic style has a lot of wooden elements, decorating with framed wall art or canvas prints is a good idea.

Tall ceilings, exposed brick walls, and pipes are key characteristics of the industrial design. If your workspace resembles this design aesthetic, you can utilize the height of the ceilings by displaying large metal prints that tie into the industrial feel of the office.

Types Of Wall Art

Shutterfly offers various types of wall art that are perfect for your home and professional office spaces. When choosing wall art, consider the interior design aesthetic of the office, the size, and light exposure of the room. All of these variables can influence what type of wall art will look best in your workspace.

  • Canvas prints: Canvas prints immediately add character and depth. The prints are lighter than frames and fit with any design style. This versatile decor is easy to hang on walls but can also look nice leaning against a wall on a shelf. Canvas prints come in various sizes from 8×10 to 36×36 inches. Small canvases can be arranged in a gallery wall, while large canvases can be impressive standalone pieces.
  • Metal photo prints: Metal prints are high-definition photos on metal panels that are .45 inches thick and have rounded corners. They look modern, clean, and come in sizes from 8×10 to 24×36 inches. Each print has a hanger attached to the back and doesn’t require a frame which makes decorating a simple endeavor.
  • Glass photo prints: Glass prints are ideal for minimalistic office spaces. They come in sizes ranging from 5×7 to 10×12, in curved and flat glass prints. The curved glass prints can stand alone on a desk or shelf and add a professional but personal touch.
  • Framed photo prints: With over 70 different templates to pick and choose from, framed photo prints are the perfect alternative to framing your own photographs. These prints will look great for a long time. Choose a frame size between 8×10 and 24×36 inches and frame colors like white, metallic, brown, or black. Print individual photographs or create collages with the Shutterfly design tool.

Photo prints on mantel.

  • Acrylic photo prints: Pictures with bright colors look especially vibrant on acrylic prints. This print looks great in large offices with a lot of natural light that enhances the hues in the picture. Since the prints that come in sizes from 8×10 to 24×36 inches have no frames, they seamlessly fit in with almost any decor style and office design.
  • Mounted wall art: Mounted wall art is a great way to personalize and decorate empty wall space. With the design a wall tool you can get a better idea of which styles and sizes will fit your wall space before committing to a print.

Office Size

The kind of wall decor you choose for your office also depends on the space you have. Whether you only have a little nook or a whole room to yourself, we have ideas on how you can personalize your space and feel more comfortable while you work.

When you only have a little bit of wall space above your desk, a cute decor idea is to stick photo prints directly onto it. You can add wallpaper in your favorite color as a background and then pin all kinds of pictures and postcards on top. To add a little more depth, consider hanging a wire or string and attach your favorite pictures with little clothespins.

String photo garland.

In a smaller office, you can also utilize the entire wall you by adding shelves with framed prints. If you color-coordinate the shelves and frames, you will achieve a cohesive and sleek look that adds depth to your space and leaves your desk clutter-free. If you don’t want to hang shelves, you can add a personal touch by creating a gallery wall with inspirational quotes and a customized calendar.

For fans of useful decor, a custom mouse pad with your favorite picture on it is the perfect way to minimize clutter while still adding personality. If you crave more coziness and don’t mind decor that takes up a little space on your desk, there are various tabletop frames from little picture cubes to ceramic tiles on easel stands that won’t distract you from your work but make you feel a little homier while sitting at your work desk.

A larger space allows for more elaborate decoration. Hanging a large panoramic print of your favorite skyline or landscape instantly adds charm and serenity to a space. If you don’t just have a large office but do have high ceilings, you can achieve a beautifully polished gallery wall by attaching a picture rail just below the ceiling and hanging large prints from it with wire.

Shared Office Tips

When you’re sharing an office space with a colleague, family member, or roommate, personalizing your desk can help you set boundaries between your work areas. Adding little touches like framed pictures, your favorite motivational books, or a personalized mug sets your space apart from the rest. If you have a shared whiteboard in your office you can add a subtle personal touch by pinning your notes with customized magnets.

Photo board hanging on wall.

When choosing statement decor items like large wall art or decorative storage, try to find items that all parties agree on. If you prefer different design styles, go for a tasteful mix! You can always create a cohesive space that everyone will enjoy as long as you stick to a few simple design rules like picking a complementary color palette. The fewer colors you decide on, the more uniform the room will look.

Also, consider the architecture and furniture style in your environment. See if you can mirror the patterns you find in the office in your wall art. Round edges or straight lines can easily be reflected in other pieces of decor as well. When working with wooden elements like desks or picture frames, try to match the tones. A rule of thumb is to match two different types of wood to add some depth to a space, rather than trying to find an exact match that probably doesn’t exist and may end up looking a bit odd. Lastly, pick a theme that works for you and the people you are sharing the space with.

For open office spaces, you can create a gallery wall with pictures of team building events or achieved milestones. Maybe add a space where everyone can pin postcards from colleagues to keep the wall interchangeable, exciting, and personal.

How To Decorate A Home Office

If you spend a good amount of time working from home, a designated workspace can be tremendously helpful. Whether you only have a little nook as your work area or a whole room functioning as your home office, the right decoration will help you focus better and boost your productivity.

Two of the most important factors that you should consider when setting up your home office are light and fresh air. If it’s an option, you can set your desk up next to a window. The natural light is easier on your eyes and helps you focus better. You’ll also have a chance to open the window when you feel like the air is getting a little stale and you need a refresher. Adding plants to your home office is a great way to add decor and improve air quality. Greenery like snake plants or succulents is easy to maintain and known to purify the air of toxins and dust particles.

Corner desk decorated with pictures.

If your workspace is in your bedroom, there is an added benefit to placing your desk close to a window. It will be much easier for you to focus when facing outside rather than looking at your bed all day and feeling tempted to take naps.

Creating a barrier between your work area and the rest of the room can be helpful when you don’t have a designated home office. In your bedroom, you can distinguish your work from your sleeping area by adding decorative double-sided shelves. This adds functional and pretty storage but also creates a barrier that you’ll be thankful for when you go to bed at night and don’t have to look at your desk.

If you have a small nook in your living area that can fit a work desk, you can set the space apart from the rest of the room with a trendy painted wall in a color that puts you in a productive mood. You can also decorate the wall behind the desk with a large calendar and place a plant next to the nook to create a little barrier. For an open-concept living room, placing a desk behind a sofa in the middle of the room can create a cohesive space that looks great whether you’re working or enjoying some relaxing time.

DIY Office Wall Art Ideas

If you’re the creative type and love personalized decor, you can create your own wall art. Here are a few ideas for DIY wall art projects that can be great additions to your office space:

  • DIY Canvas: You can buy a few canvases and paint in colors that match your office furniture and other decor. Depending on your drawing skills, you can paint anything from flowers to eye-catching abstract art. These can be individual pieces or you can even create your own canvas spread. Pair with a motivational quote to give your space an inspirational vibe.
  • Clipboards: If you attach a few pretty clipboards to the wall, you can create a unique and practical wall art piece. You can use them to hang to-do lists, keep a gratitude tracker or create a wall display of your children’s artwork. By changing the art you clip on the boards regularly, you will never get bored with the decor in your office.
  • Clocks: If you have offices in different time zones, hanging clocks for each time can make a useful piece of decor. Even if it’s just you in your home office, a large clock can be a great statement piece.
  • Cork Tiles: Instead of hanging a single corkboard, you can get creative with some cork tiles. You can get little squares, rounds, or even hexagons that you can arrange to create a personalized and functional decor element.

Cork tiles on wall.

  • Chalkboard Calendar: Attaching chalkboard wallpaper around your desk creates a unique and customizable surface. You can draw a calendar on it, leave notes, or little drawings that make you happy. Use a chalk pen to avoid dirty hands and dust in the room.
  • Pegboard: A pegboard is a great functional wall decoration that you can adjust to your current taste and needs. Turn a blank wall into a practical piece of office wall decor. You can use it to store pens and paper but also to hang art and plants. The larger the pegboard, the more possibilities.
  • Baskets and Folders: If you struggle to keep your desk clutter-free, consider hanging a few baskets and folders on the wall to use as storage space. Invest in stylish storage solutions to keep you organized and motivated. Pair with a caddy on your desk and you’re set for a productive day.

Desk caddies.

Final Thoughts

Thoughtfully decorated offices can have a positive impact on your motivation and overall mood. Comfortable furniture, plenty of light, a few touches of green, and room to add personalized wall decor are key elements in creating a work environment that you don’t mind spending all day in. Regardless of interior design style, taste, and office size, there is always a little room for personalized home office decor. Here are some of our favorite office decor resources:

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