Well well Flair Pen loving teacher….Ink Joy Lovin Teachers….Teachers who Love pens….yes another post JUST


It’s no secret we’re all bonded over this love/obsession and other professions just don’t get it!

Teacher pens are great for gifts, teacher pens can show teacher appreciation.

Basically Teacher pens = LOVE (bottom line)

Who else loves Teacher pens and teacher deals?

If you obsess or love teacher pens and super teacher deals – you need to be in Teacher Online Deals

The BEST deals EVERYDAY, fun Lives…..Flair vs. Amazon Basic Felt Tip Pen Showdown (….if you know…you know teacher pens!)

This Best Pens for Teachers post is a good place to start!

With crucial ranking components and actually tasks teachers would do, it goes into great detail about what pens are perfect for teachers!

What are some ways to store my teacher pens??

I love a PEN CADDY to transport and reach pens easily!

This pen caddy is actually a silverware holder – SHOCKER, but works so well!

I can divide my pens, see them all clearly, not too overly full. The handle makes it easy to transport between home and school, my desk and small group table.

Here are some great options if this teacher pen system would work for your classroom:

I love the galvanized look. Would be easy to add Cricut name to the front!

Could easily spray paint to match any decor!

Here’s a mint pen caddy perfect for teachers. Pretty close to one above!

This one has SPACE! If you are a teacher pen hoarder then this pen caddy for teachers would make a great option too!

Store Pens in a Pen Shelf!

This pen storage solution came out the Teacher Online Deals Group and came recommended!

So many members loved it that we tracked it down. This Tool Cubby is perfect size and adjustable!

Just look how easy it is to sort your and store your pens and markers! This tool cubby ranks up there in best ways to store pens for sure!!

Pegboard for how to store pens properly

Teachers definitely need pen storage and this is a great way to store pens properly and look gorgeous.

How easy to display pens and set them up easily to stay organized

This would make a great easy DIY addition to any classroom! Customize with office supplies, school supplies, succulents and more for a supply center for successful students!

I love vertical storage as oppose to horizontal as well for proper pen storage!

These Pegboard organizers come in 2 packs in TONS of color so easy to set up!

Love these gorgeous cups to store pens and markers as well for office organization. Imagine in a classroom- how easy!

On the Go Teacher Pen Storage Case

A pen case provides another solution for storing pens the best way.

Pen cases are easy to travel with.

Fun to share with students and keep supplies organized!

Pen Vase for how to store pens and markers

Easy, portable storage

for tables, an office, these pen cups are the cutest teacher accessory!

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