Which is the right screws to use to mount ikea pegboard to studs for heavy weights with noob skills?

I am super confused and overwhelmed with the amount of research I have done so pardon the post that may seem like a duplicate but I need help in specifically this context.

Problem Statement : I want to mount ikea pegboard 30"x22" onto studs. I used a stud finder to determine that my studs are 24" apart. The house is less than 4 months old so I am confused why they didn't follow the 16" standard.

The pegboard of 30"x22" comes with a bar that has holes at 23-5/8". Hence, I think I can mount it directly to the studs. I am making this for mountaineering gear so I want it to be super sturdy and hold good amount of weight.

Screw length : I saw 3 inches being recommended most often so I was going to go with 3-1/2" screws just for safety. Is this okay? I just have regular drywall.

I shortlisted :
Structural Screws All forums kept recommending this and I felt that it applies to my use case. But when I search structural screws on home depot they are not very cheap or many models. Everything is 5lb pack but I only need maybe 10 of those. This looks strong, is affordable. The top shaft looks unusual, Am I going to need anything special to drive this in? https://www.homedepot.com/p/Simpson-Strong-Tie-3-in-Strong-Drive-SDS-Structural-Wood-Screws-25-Pack-SDS25300-R25/203302236
This looks strong and easily drivable but is expensive. Is it worth the price. https://www.homedepot.com/p/GRK-Fasteners-5-16-in-x-3-1-8-in-Rugged-Structural-Screw-45-Piece-Pack-112221/203533461
Cabinet screws
SPAX cabinet screw seems expensive : https://www.homedepot.com/p/SPAX-10-x-2-1-2-in-T-Star-Drive-Washer-Wafer-Head-Partial-Thread-Yellow-Zinc-Coated-Cabinet-Screw-75-per-Box-4281020050606/206870578

Generic cabinet screw is cheaper but is it going to compromise the strength value. https://www.homedepot.com/p/10-x-3-in-Zinc-Plated-Truss-Head-Phillips-Drive-Cabinet-Screw-25-Pieces-803002/204275480
lagbolts : strong but overkill for my project. Harder for a noob like me because of predrilling need #Pegboard #Studs