Who’s excited about getting their home back to normal after the Holidays?

I’m going to admit that my home seems very bare but I’m ready for it to be back to normal. Today, I’ve partnerd with Better Homes & Gardens At Walmart to share how, I will be tidying up my home office for under $300. You will witness easy clutter cures using Better Homes & Gardens organizational essentials sold exclusively at Walmart, to help maximize space while keeping my style.


Here’s what my home office looks like on any given day. This is where my creative juices flows, it’s  peaceful, relaxing, bright, and airy but things got a little out of hand over the holidays. For the most part I’m often neat. I like to live up to my rule of thumb put it back after you use it. My office as you see it is not the issue, it’s what’s inside the drawers pure chaos.

Here’s my thrifted dresser, I’m currently using for my office supplies. If you like to see the before you can see it here on my YouTube channel.


Here’s the after…. Everything Everywhere!

Some of my supplies are here underneath this mess. Life gets in the way, and things got shoved into the drawers because, Denise can’t stand to look at it especially when I’m trying to be creative.

Habits evolves so has my outlook for keeping order in one of the most used spaces in my home. It’s at the top of my list for keeping it tidy, and organized. Better Homes & Gardens Craftform Sewing and Craft Hutch with Pegboard, has given me the perfect storage unit for having a place for everything. Every crafter needs a good peg board, and the Craftform Collection has that and more. This pegboard is perfect for when you’re  in a hurry and you need to access your scissors, tape, ribbon, or gift wrap paper.

Behind the double doors there’s adjustable shelves where you can have the flexiblity to store all kinds of items you have. I’m currently storing my craft paints inside of a lazy suzan and cute storage boxes for other craft supplies.

Wait…What!!! A hole for cord access is on the back panel to hide those ugly wires.

Repurposing items is something that I LOVE to do. This letter holder was collecting dust. I didn’t want to part with it. My favorite go-to craft paint colors fit perfectly inside it. You can always use extra drawer storage and Better Homes & Gardens Craftform Sewing and Craft Storage Cabinet with Drawers Has plenty of storage for me. Top of the surface is melamine, and it’s heat, stain, and scratch-resistant YAY! My favorite has to be the drawers which allows me to store certain items that I don’t want to leave out. Protect your investment! Drawer liners are perfect for maintaining the prestine condition of your drawers. Most liners are made from plastic so, it will act as a guard against spills or scratches. Storage boxes is a must have especially if you’re a crafter who has a lot of tiny items. On the storage cabinet there’s a place for my boxes, they fit like a glove and they’re easy to get to.


Better Homes & Gardens Bamboo Utensil & Cutlery Kitchen Organizer are obviously used for storing your eating utensils but, you can also use them in your junk drawer or home office for storing office supplies.


Hope this has inspired all of you amazing crafters & planners to get your items organized. See ya next month for more affordable projects.



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