Small White Pegboard and Pegs - Fine Motor Learning Toy

Small White Pegboard and Pegs - Fine Motor Learning Toy

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This peg board toy is small with tiny pegs so it is a perfect activity for pincer grasp work along with eye-hand coordination.  The pegboard measures 10cm x 10cm (6.25"x6.25") and the pegs are .75" long so it is best suited for ages 4+. 


  1.  Creative design - Kids can use the pegs to draw their own designs or images such as houses, boats, animals etc.
  2. Stacking - The pegs stack on top of each other so it is fun to build your designs up too!
  3. Color sorting - Sort the pegs by color.  You can sort by row, or create square blocks of color.
  4. Symmetry - Put pegs on one-half of the pegboard.  Have the kids fill in the other half with a mirror image design.
  5. Create Letters - Build the letters of the alphabet with the pegs.
  6. Create shapes - Draw shapes with the pegs.  Extend the fun by adding rubber bands and creating a geoboard.  Use the pegs to mark corners of shapes and objects, and create the outline with rubber bands!
  7. Patterns - Create patterns with the different colored pegs and have the students replicate the pattern.
  8. Sequencing - Start a simple pattern such as an AB, ABC, AABB pattern and have the students finish the pattern.  You can do the pattern by rows or by building up by stacking the pegs!
  9. Create a hundred board - There are 100 holes on the board so it makes a perfect 100 board.  Count to 100, or make it more fun by rolling a die and adding that number of pegs to the board until it is filled up!
  10. Explore more than and less than - Stacking pegs is a fun way to show how something has more or less.  Make a small stack and have students create a new stack that has more (or less) than your tower.
  11. Visual Addition - Create a simple math problem such as 2+3.  Have the students place 2 pegs of one color on the board, then 3 of another color.  Count to find the answer.

- One plastic 6.25" Pegboard,
- 3.8 ounces of bright .75" tall pegs in 5 colors. Please note that the pegs are sorted by weight, but it comes to approximately 200 pegs.  The pegs are a random assortment so you might not get the same number of each color peg.