40 Workstation Setups That We Really Like

Our computer workstation setups are one of the most important areas of our homes. They’ve become the place where we spend the most time–even surpassing our beds. However, these spaces often aren’t given their due attention on the design front, and some aren’t even optimised for comfort. Could you pull your workstation out from a neglected dusty corner with some fresh slick aesthetics? Should you soup up your user experience with new tech and ergonomic additions? We’ve whipped up a collection of 50 workstation setups that we really like, and we’re sure that you will too. Log in and get set to reprogram how you think about your home workspace.

Designer: Sebastiaan de With  

We wouldn’t know whether to look at our Surface Studio or gaze out at the water if we had this spectacularly situated workstation. See more workspaces with views that wow!

Designer: Jeff Sheldon  

All present and correct. Each piece of tech is homed on warm timber and cognac planes across this desk, including a set of rather beautiful speakers.

Designer: Daniel Gallegos  

Alternatively, camouflaging your tech and desk in the same colour as your walls can make a workstation setup become less intruding upon a combined living space.

Designer: ghostpepperwings  

Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson inspire the owner of this somewhat unconventional rolling sit/stand workspace.

Designer: Andres Daniel Jasso  

Simple black and white accessories cut down on distractions. Chrome accents shine up the sharp aesthetic.

Designer: Oliur / UltraLinx  

Black drawer towers give symmetrical balance to this modern home office desk. Monochrome art translates bold symmetry to the wall space above.

Designer: Michael Soledad  

Pyrography depicts the home owners’ passion and adds attractive natural tone to the room. A wooden headphone stand blends elegantly with the surroundings.

Designer: Ferik Tantomi  

An ultrawide monitor spans a large stand with storage, under which the keyboard can tuck away when not in use. Indoor plants make up for a grey city view.

Designer: SpawnPoiint  

The bulk of an ergonomic computer chair is counteracted by a sleek rustic chic desktop.

Designer: Fatih Arslan  

A minimalist home office is all productivity and no nonsense. Even the desktop plant is on the minimal side.

Designer: maxklein  

The owner of this “machine learning workstation” has opted for deep toned timber accents on black, with industrial style coat rack and corner shelves from Vasagle. A sleek wooden swivel chair completes the look.

An L-shaped arrangement works well in separating off a workspace within a lounge, particularly when the back edge is raised to obscure the view of office clutter.

Visualizer: Home Cult  

If your workstation is going to be used for music and mixing then you’ll want to invest in some acoustic foam panels. Together, these panels form a textural feature from desk to ceiling.

Designer: Jonathan Morrison  

Pretty and pretty practical too. This light and colourful space is equipped with a vertical monitor that’s perfect for editing code, plus an ergonomic split keyboard for comfort.

Designer: julegit  

With a monitor packed desk, the only place for a mic to go is up.

Designer: xelji  

KAWS figurines make a quirky addition to an artistic workstation. KAWS art might not be within everybody’s budget, but a similar effect could be achieved with other colour block figurines of your choosing. Grab a can of spray paint and get your DIY on.

Designer: Jonas Grossecappenberg  

Patent prints make intriguing art over this hard working desk space.

Photographer: Mark Jardine  

This L-shape area is split evenly between computer based design and a more traditional drawing board for hand-drawn concepts. A black Herman Miller Embody chair chair blends with dark flooring and a grey rug, whilst the crisp white desk becomes one with the walls.

One for the perfectionists. Right angles and a clean desk pad are key in this obsessively neat setup.

There’s seamless continuity between Apple devices, so make sure you get the best out of your bunch by purchasing a mount for your laptop screen too.

Designer: Miso122  

With all of this heavy tech around it’s nice to have a little floral fancy. Just one delicate touch utterly transforms a bulky layout.

Designer: rrogersca  

Just like a technological garden, everything in this workstation is popping up on stalks. A widescreen monitor, laptop, tablet and even a desk lamp grow to their full potential on slender black stems.

Designer: Connell McCarthy  

A stylish ergonomic desk chair is the lead of this studio, supported by a band of musical equipment.

Photographer: raw_reflex  

Digital inspired artwork makes a cool addition to this rustic timber double workstation.

Designer: rrSpitfire  

The table lamp here is actually an Ikea Symfonisk speaker, which has WIfi capabilities and a choice of white or black colourways.

Designer: the_waxen_pith  

This directional desk lamp takes up minimal space. See more ideas for table lamps.

Designer: ArkhamL  

A wall mounted monitor is another space saving winner.

Designer: originalposeur  

Mid century modern furniture offers a trendy approach to the workstation setup. Pop a bright or patterned cushion on the chair and include a plethora of indoor plants to get the homey feel.

Source: Histórias de Casa  

In fact, indoor plants make great workstation companions no matter what trend you choose to follow.

Designer: robbye91  

This workspace of a product manager fits right up against the living room TV wall, which is actually a plus. TVs can offer awesome extra monitor space whenever needed.

Designer: BaldGuy_  

Speaking of making space, check out this workstation pegboard wall that stores spare cables and headphones within easy reach and without tangles.

Designer: daphenejtor  

If you’re going to have a beautifully unique setup then you’ve got to have beautiful speakers and unique coffee mugs too.

Designer: ThierryXL  

Monitors feel like bright windows in a compact home office nook.

Designer: phx1991  

A jumble of tech could look like a hot mess, however, colour coordinated yellow speakers and a golden elephant figurine pull the muddle together in one cohesive sweep.

Designer: Phat_Suspekt  

Sometimes plants provide the greenery, and sometimes you need to go all out emerald.

Designer: perplex1  

A blast of blue might remind you to get out and look at the sky once in a while.

Designer: Twinskunk  

Why be pinned down? Use desk lights to change your colour theme whenever you want.

Designer: Guessers1  

Light up your love of tech by installing shelf lights too.

Designer: SynSlav3  

Another luminous labour of tech love.

Designer: RamesesB   

Popping in pink.

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