Here’s What Replaced Estwing Tools at Home Depot

Estwing Drilling and Engineer Hammers at Home Depot

As we reported the other day, Home Depot stopped selling Estwing hammers. However, there aren’t gaping holes on the shelves; there are other tools already in their place.

It looks like Home Depot completely purged Estwing products from their stores and website, suggesting to me that there’s a lot more to this story. However, more information is not yet available.

I asked Estwing, and a customer service rep replied that they don’t believe Home Depot is selling their products anymore.

I tend to take snapshots of interesting tools and trends when browsing the aisles at home centers and tool stores. Most of the photos of Estwing tools in this post were taken in 2021 or 2022, making them at most around 2 years old.

In this post, let’s take a look at the Estwing tools that used to be sold at Home Depot until recently, and the tools that replaced some of them.

Home Depot Ox Tools Framing Hammer Listing

But first, here’s something interesting and potentially relevant.

Estwing’s 22oz steel-handled hammer is no longer available at Home Depot stores or online, but I found this Ox Tools 22oz framing hammer listing on Home Depot’s website.

The Ox hammer isn’t available in stores, but there are exactly 5,000 units available for shipping right now. Large numbers like this, or patterns, such as 10 products each with 150 units in stock, usually suggest that Home Depot recently received a new shipment.

Ox Tools vs Estwing Framing Hammer at Home Depot

A lot of framing hammers have similar designs, but I found this to be curious.

5000 units x $24.98 is nearly $125,000 in Ox 22oz smooth-face framing hammers inventory. They also have exactly 600 units of the milled face version.

Meaning, it looks like Home Depot just started selling Ox Tools framing hammers.

The Ox hammers aren’t emphasized on Home Depot’s website, and are lower in their on-site search results, suggesting that could merely be a coincidence.

Delving deeper, it looks like Home Depot added many new online-only Ox listings beyond hammers and striking tools, weakening the chances of correlation. Even so, it raised an eyebrow and seemed potentially relevant to bring up.

Finding Ox Tools listings at Home Depot surprised me, as I thought the brand had been developing ties with Lowe’s. As the saying goes, you cannot dance at two weddings at the same time, at least not unless you’re a top-tier brand such as Dewalt. Even then, you will rarely find the same Dewalt tools at both Home Depot and Lowe’s.

New Crescent Tool Hammers at Home Depot 2023

As for Home Depot’s in-store product selections, I have been seeing an increasing number of new Crescent hammers. Could these have taken Estwing’s place?

That’s possible, but the new Crescent hammers started appearing a couple of months ago, when there were still plenty of Estwing tools still at Home Depot stores.

Most notably, there are new anti-vibe and wood-handled Crescent framing hammers.

I first noticed Crescent’s new steel-handled framing hammer this past November, and their wood-handled framing hammer a little earlier.

Estwing Drilling and Engineer Hammers at Home Depot

In this photo from about 2 years ago, you can see there are Estwing drilling, engineer, and mini sledge hammers on the pegboard wall at Home Depot.

The steel-handled Estwing shown here was made in the USA, and the others were made overseas. At the time of this posting, you can find the USA-made version at Amazon for $30, and the imported fiberglass-handled hammer for $20.

Crescent Drilling and Engineer Hammers at Home Depot

Now? The Home Depot store I checked had a single Milwaukee Tool drilling hammer and a large selection of Crescent drilling and engineer hammers.

It seems that Crescent’s drilling and engineer hammers are new-to-market products.

Estwing and Milwaukee Steel Striking Tools at Home Depot Late 2021

The Milwaukee drilling or engineer hammer isn’t new – I first spotted them in-stores back in August of 2021.

Crescent Blacksmith Hammers at Home Depot 2023

I also spied a new Crescent blacksmith hammer.

Estwing Prying Bars at Home Depot

As shown in this slightly older photo from 2-3 years ago, Home Depot used to carry Estwing pry bars. I am particularly fond of the prying bar with an I-beam-style handle. I posted about this model a few years ago.

Estwing Nail Pullers at Home Depot

Home Depot also used to carry Estwing nail and molding pullers.

Crescent Nail Pullers and Pry Bars

I’ve seen Dewalt and Miwaukee pry bars at local Home Depot stores for a while now, but the Crescent nail pullers and pry bars appear to be brand new.

The Crescent 14-inch model has 47 reviews and ratings on Home Depot’s website, all of them posted within the past few weeks. Only one is marked as a “verified purchase,” with the several dozen others all being “free product Seed program” reviews.

To me, this indicates the nail puller was a new and strategic product launch. Home Depot and their suppliers always seem to be very selective and deliberate about what they send out to their Seed free product program reviewers.

Crescent Demo Hammer New for 2023

It seems that Home Depot recently added a lot of new Crescent tools to their catalog, such as this demo hammer. They’re not showing up in many online searches yet, suggesting they are very new.

Conduct your own Google search for the Crescent CHSDEM22 demo hammer to see what I mean. Throughout all of the internet, there are just 14 Google search engine results for this model number.

Their “VibeGuard” handle style is also brand new. Most if not all of the new Crescent steel-handled hammers at Home Depot feature this handle style.

Estwing Steel-Handled Ball Pein Hammer at Home Depot

Home Depot used to carry Estwing’s USA-made steel-handled ball pein hammers.

Estwing Wood-Handled Ball Pein Hammer at Home Depot

In recent years they also had wood-handled ball pein hammers. If don’t recall if this was a domestic or import product.

Looking at the tools in the background, they also had Estwing dead blow hammers, and tack hammers.

Estwing Rubber Mallet at Home Depot mid-2021

As mentioned the other day, Home Depot used to carry Estwing double-face rubber mallets, in addition to standard mallets with large black or non-marring rubber heads.

Home Depot also used to carry Estwing axes.

Estwing makes fantastic rubber mallets. I’ve started buying European replaceable-face rubber mallets, but will always keep an Estwing mallet or two in my kit.

There’s a smaller Estwing double face hammer that I haven’t seen in-stores recently, but that’s not a big deal. As with other brands, Estwing product selection and availability has varied at my local stores over time.

Estwing 12oz Claw Hammer at Home Depot

There were also curved claw nail hammers in different sizes. These were my favorite, in 12oz and 16oz sizes.

Although there seem to be some patterns, there has always been some overlap between Home Depot’s hammer and striking tool selections, making it difficult to gauge for certain which Estwing tools were directly replaced.

If you wish to buy Estwing tools, you can still find them at Amazon, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, and many other retailers.