Living in a tiny house can be really bohemian and charming plus it’s a great exercise to try to make a small space as functional and as practical as possible without stripping it of its beauty

For Grace and Ryan, the couple who owns this particular tiny home, the experience was very inspiring. They’ve been living in a 25 foot long house on wheels built by studio Escape Traveler which gives them 276 square feet of living space inside. 

The house blends in quite nicely with wooded areas and this view in particular is really niceThe dark cedar siding adds an elegant and homely touch to the overall design of this tiny houseThe windows are of various different shapes and sizes and they’re strategically positioned
On the outside, their tiny home looks lovely and very inviting thanks to the dark-stained cedar siding used all around the exterior. The roof is nice and flat which in combination with the simple geometry of the house give it a shed-inspired look. It’s the windows that really help to elevate the build and to make it feel like a really cozy home. 

The large window on the side has a small bar on the interior sideA cozy desk area takes up this side of the house and it gets plenty of natural light through the small windowsThe entryway is marked by a single glazed door which also lets in lots of light as well as a view of the outdoors
This tiny house has a glazed front door with a little square window just above it. There’s multiple other windows of different shapes and sizes placed at different heights on all sides. This gives the house a rather playful and random look from the outside but everything makes perfect sense once you step inside and understand how everything was planned and thought through. 

The interior is compact and optimized to be highly functional but also very cozy and welcomingLots of potted plants, decorations and little details are scattered all throughout this tiny house giving it lots of characterThe kitchen is small but well-equipped, with storage shelves and a window in front of the sink
The space inside is organized on two levels which are connected by a wooden staircase with a really simple and beautiful railing design that takes advantage of its diagonal placement. The entry door leads straight into the hearth of this lovely little home. On this main floor there’s a kitchen area with various features and appliances like a 3-burner propane stovetop, a fridge with freezer, a large sink, cabinets for storage, overhead shelves and also a pegboard which is great for organizing various utensils and accessories. 

The staircase has built-in storage drawers and a coat rack to complement the entrywayThe interior is beautifully decorated with lots of hanging plants and string lights for a bohemian and cozy vibeThere’s a small fold-down table neatly squeezed between the kitchen and the staircase
The staircase is the first thing one sees upon entering the house. Its role is very important not just because it gives access to the upper area but also because it doubles as a storage module. This is a staircase with built-in storage underneath and with a coat rack as well. It has hanging plants cascading over from above and they help a lot to make this tiny place feel welcoming. The whole place is actually filled with plants and that’s one of the things that make this tiny house special. 

There’s lots of creative storage solutions incorporated all throughout this tiny houseAlthough this tiny house is packed with furniture and decorations, it feels airy and spacious on the inside
The downstairs area also includes a few other spaces and features like a desk positioned in one of the corners which allows the owners to work from home or on the road, a fold-down table that can be used as extra counter space for the kitchen when cooking or as a dining table afterward and of course the bathroom. 

The loft area is divided into two sections at opposite sides of the house, one of them being the bedroomThe sleeping area has a small closet made out of repurposed crates and wood planksThe bedroom is framed by glass windows which make up for the low ceiling
The staircase leads up to the loft sleeping area. It’s a small but really cozy space with windows wrapping around the bed on three sides, hanging lights going around the window frames and a little custom closet made out of repurposed milk crates. 

The area underneath the loft has a corner desk and a cozy lounge nookThis tiny house is a lovely blend of stylish, cozy, cheerful and fresh details topped with a modern aesthetic
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