Workbench Plans With Designs Meant To Inspire

Workbench Plans With Designs Meant To Inspire

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re big fans of DIY projects and everything handcrafted. We think these things hold a lot of character and are a great way to express oneself creatively and originally. If you feel the same way you probably know a thing or two about working with tools and all sorts of materials and perhaps you also recognize the importance of having a suitable work environment. This brings us to the subject of today’s article: workbench plans. Building a workbench is one of the things that will help you with other future projects so think of this as an investment in your success as a DIYer.

The workbench plans don’t have to be complicated unless you specifically prefer such a design. If your goal, however, is to make something simple and practical, the plans provided on Buildsomething should work just fine. As you can see, this is a very basic workbench, with no unnecessary elements in its design.

In a lot of ways, a workbench is the same as a desk or a table but with a design that’s perhaps a bit more rugged, less refined and less complicated, as exemplified on Saltbushavenue. For the base you can use a metal underframe which you can get from IKEA the top can be a simple solid wood board. You can add a file cabinet underneath or a toolbox or whatever you want to store your things in.

It’s also possible to build a workbench entirely out of wood. You can find the plans for such a project on Mrlentz. You’ll need a lot of wood and very little hardware. You can also build the bench without any powertools. Well…actually you’ll need a drill but other than that there’s not much else to worry about. The process is quite simple. Just measure, cut and assemble all the elements.

Design and build the workbench in accordance with the type of activity it will be used for. If you’re building it for kids so they can have a dedicated arts and crafts area, the bench would have to be small and kid-friendly. Actually, let’s call it a craft station. There’s a detailed tutorial on how to build one on Handmadecharlotte. The storage cubbies and the pegboard are great features.

We also found some garage workbench plans that we’d like to share with you. They come from Instructables and the instructions are pretty easy to follow. As you can see, the bench is long and offers plenty counter space as well as a storage area underneath. You can add rolling cabinets under there or you can use the space to store a chair on which you might want to sit occasionally.

When there’s not a lot of space to work with, you have to be creative and to find ways to overcome the challenges. Let’s say you’re living in a small apartment and you enjoy DIY projects. You might not have a lot of room for a large workbench but you might be able to build yourself a small one with a decent amount of built-in storage. Check out these workbench plans from instructables to find out more details.

Finding a suitable place for a workbench can be quite difficult, especially when you don’t have a spare room you could use for it. In that case, just work with what you have. An option, for example, could be to build a custom workbench inside a closet. Depending on the size and shape of the closet, you can adapt the instructions offered in this tutorial from Instructables to suit your needs.

This workbench has a design inspired by the structure of a pallet. It’s a practical approach and if you want you can actually boards from old pallets for this project. Cut the boards to size if needed and put together the bottom, sides and interior dividers, then add the top. There’s definitely room for customization so feel free to make your workbench exactly the way you want it to be. {found on instructables}.

Since a workbench without storage is incomplete, it’s good to decide from the start which option you prefer. You could build your workbench to be just a simple table with a solid top or you could give it clever built-in storage compartments. The second option requires some special workbench plans. You can find some on Instructables. You can create as many compartments as you want, based on what you plan to store in each one.

It’s sometimes useful to be able to move the workbench to a different location that better suits the project you plan on starting. For example, some things are better done outside. A workbench with casters makes things easier in general. But before you attach the casters you have to complete a bunch of other steps first so be sure to have a look at the detailed tutorial for this project provided on Instructables.

A DIY workbench doesn’t have to look perfect. In fact, nothing has to be perfect when you’re building it yourself. That being said, you can go ahead and find a fallen log and start cutting it into pieces. You’ll need a long plank to use as a top for the workbench and some log pieces for the legs. You’d be creating a beautiful live-edge counter without even trying to focus on the looks. {found on instructables}.

You can design your workbench sort of like a kitchen island. It can be built from scratch or you can repurpose an old cabinet. A drawer can be placed right under the top and you can use it to store all the tools and other small things in there. Open shelves under the drawer can be used to store larger objects or boxes. Put the whole unit on casters so you can move it easily. {found on instructables}.

The secret to any DIY project is good planning. It’s important to have detailed plans and well-defined steps before starting building a workbench no matter how simple the design may be. The whole process is beautifully explained on Popularmechanics where you can find the plans and instructions for this cool workbench. Doesn’t it look nice? It has a lot of character in spite of its small size.

The workbench featured on Shanty-2-chic has a basic and straight-forward design and yet that doesn’t stop it from standing out from all the other designs we’ve seen so far. We like its farmhouse-inspired look, the fact that the frame and the top are solid and that the lines are clean and simple. The wheels are a nice touch too. Make sure you plan the measurements accordingly by also taking into consideration the wheels when deciding how tall the workbench should be.

A workbench doesn’t have to be a big investment. If you’re building it yourself you can save quite a bit of money and if you’re using reclaimed materials the required budget only gets smaller. Consider using scrap wood from previous projects. Even if you’re using new lumber it should still be an affordable project. You can find out all you need to know about this from Instructables.

This workbench was built out of plywood and PVC pipes. It looks neat, stylish even and you can use it not only as a workbench but also as a storage unit for spaces like the entryway, the laundry room or the office. The open compartments are perfect for keeping storage boxes and baskets inside and can also be used as bookshelf cubbies. Either way, this is a very inspiring project. You can find the tutorial on Instructables.

Modular designs are very practical so a workbench which fits the description can only be great.  We found some awesome plans for such a project on Ana-white. the idea is really cool. The workbench has a fixed frame and two compact modules on casters which can be taken out and used individually as workstations and storage cubbies. They have shelves and hooks for storing tools and supplies.

It’s very important for a workbench to have a thick, sturdy and durable top. In fact, the whole frame should fit this description. That often means workbenches are really heavy so if you’re worried about maneuverability you can install casters so you can easily move it around if needed. We suggest using casters which can be blocked in place. In any case, if you like this design, you can find the plans for it on Instructables. You can improve on them as you see fit.

When planning the design for the workbench, create it based on what you need to use it for most often and what you want to store in it. For example, you might want to include a wood storage area or a compartment for specific power tools. This design on Toolboxdivas is adapted to integrate a table saw. You could use these plans if you think this is the type of workbench that you need.

Instead of overcomplicating the workbench plans with a bunch of storage drawers and shelves for all the tools and other things, you could keep these organized on a pegboard placed on the wall. That’s actually more practical than having to constantly open and close drawers whenever you need something. As far as this workbench is concerned, everything you need to know about the design and construction process can be found on Dksandbox.

On Sanddust2stitches you can find few cool and inspiring ideas which you could later add to your own workbench plans. For instance, we like those storage niches that keep the power tools organized. Perhaps this post can inspire you too. Combine the ideas you find here with others gathered from previous tutorials and create your very own original workbench design complete with all the things that you find useful.

How to choose a workbench that suits you

Choosing a workbench is a rather personal decision to make so it has to be based on specific criteria. A proper workbench needs to suit its user, not just in size but in style and everything else as well. Here are a few elements to consider when looking to buy a new workbench:


As per usual, size is one of the most important aspects for any piece of furniture or accessory. For the workbench, bigger is often better. However, having a huge workbench that takes up pretty much the entire floor space is not exactly practical so take the context into consideration as well as your needs.


This is where things get personal. The style of your workbench should reflect your needs, the types of projects that you plan on using it for but also the general aesthetic that guides you in life. Looks are important but they’re not everything. The key here is to find a workbench that feels right for you.


Since you’ll be using the workbench for long periods of time while working on various projects, it’s important to feel comfortable while doing so. A bench that’s too short will cause to bend over and to feel paint in the back. A bench that’s too tall will feel uncomfortable and won’t allow you to properly use it as intended. The height of the workbench and the ergonomics are closely linked together.

Fixed vs adjustable

The issue of a workbench’s height brings us to another dilemma: should you look for a bench with a fixed height or should you get a height-adjustable one? Most workbenches are somewhere between 32’’ and 38’’ high. If your ideal height is outside this range, adjustability would be the way to go. Similarly, if you’re not the only one who will be using the workbench then it would be nice to be able to adjust the height based on whoever is using it. Moreover, certain tasks require different working conditions and that’s where a workbench with adjustable height can really help.


More often than not there’s no need to move or reposition the workbench. However, if you’re limited on space or if you’re working on various projects that require you to move the bench then a mobile one would be useful. Keep in mind that a workbench on wheels is not as stable as a stationary one and you might accidentally push it while using various tools. If you want a workbench that will stand still no matter what, a heavy and solid one with a fixed base is the way to go.


To have a workbench that doesn’t include any sort of built-in storage is often a waste. Having shelves or drawers where you can keep various tools or equipment that’s used together with the bench can be very useful and convenient. If you’re not sure what type of storage you’re going to need yet, consider a simple workbench that you can add elements to in the future.The top

The worktop is pretty much what you’re getting the workbench for in the first place so it needs to be just right. There’s a variety of factors to consider here such as the thickness of the top, the material that it’s made of and any additional features such as dog holes, tool wells and so on.


Workbenches are often used together with certain accessories, most often vises. These are very useful for holding parts together firmly when assembling various elements. The vises themselves can be used with all sorts of accessories like jaw protectors for instance.

Our Top 8 Best Workbenches Available On The Market

But what if you don’t want to build your own workbench and you’d rather just buy one? That’s an equally suitable option which has its own advantages. Check out some of our favorite products down below.

Sjöbergs Nordic Plus 1450 Workbench

The Sjöbergs Nordic Plus 1450 Workbench is simple and very practical. It has a sturdy and durable top made out of hard Nordic birch wood and includes a double row of dog holes running from any vise location.

Nordic birch
Sjöbergs Nordic Plus 1450 Workbench
Sjöbergs Nordic Plus 1450 Workbench

The vises can be easily reconfigured for either right-handd or left-handed use, depending on the person. 

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UltraHD Lighted Workcenter – Satin Graphite

The Goplus workbench is perfect for the garage and comes with a built-in tool storage board. It’s a pegboard with a bunch of hooks which you can use to hang small tools like hammers, screwdrivers and pliers. This keeps things handy and easy to take on and off which is more convenient than having to use a drawer every time. You can either use the bench while sitting or standing, depending on your preference. It has a durable iron frame and a sturdy top made of natural bamboo.

easy to clean
UltraHD Lighted Workcenter - Satin Graphite
UltraHD Lighted Workcenter - Satin Graphite

This workbench is equipped a pegboard with hooks, which is ideal for hanging small tools, easy to take on and off.

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Olympia Tools 84-906 Hard Wood Workbench

The Olympia Tools 84-906 is pretty compact in size, measuring (L) 49.61” x (w) 24.02” x (H) 33.86”. It’s also very convenient and user-friendly and offers a variety of storage options. It’s made from hard rubber wood with a clear lacquer finish. There’s a storage shelf at the bottom for took kits and large objects and a felt-lined drawer underneath the top for small tools and accessories.

clear lacquer finish
Olympia Tools 84-906 Hard Wood Workbench
Olympia Tools 84-906 Hard Wood Workbench

One felt – lined drawer and convenient storage shelf

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Olympia Tools Multi-Purpose Workbench With Light

Task lighting is very important when doing any sort of crafting which makes this particular workbench that much better. The bench features heavy-duty steel construction with a durable Enamel finish and can hold up to 100 kg (220lbs). It features a built-in pegboard which is great for storing and organizing small tools. It also has a built-in fluorescent light source at the top.

Built-in three-outlet
Olympia Tools 82-802 Multi-Purpose Workbench With Light
Olympia Tools 82-802 Multi-Purpose Workbench With Light

Heavy duty steel construction with durable Enamel finish - load capacity: 220lbs/100kgs

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Mobile Garage Workbench

In case you’re not interested in any sort of built-in storage solutions and you’d rather have a simple workbench, check out this cool model. It offers numerous advantages such as the fact that it’s height-adjustable with 14 different settings. It has a solid steel frame that’s built to last. It also has casters so you can move it around and which can be locked in place where you find the perfect spot for your workbench.

with casters
Mobile Garage Workbench Casters
Mobile Garage Workbench Casters

Switch between leg levellers or heavy duty locking casters.

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Goplus Adjustable Workbench

This workbench is very similar to the previous one, the main design difference consisting of the fixed legs instead of casters. It has 15 different height settings and a solid steel frame which gives it an industrial look. The wooden top softens the design and also means you could actually also use this as a desk. The top is made of solid bamboo.

Goplus Adjustable Workbench
Goplus Adjustable Workbench

With 15 different height settings on the solid steel frame, you can find the ideal height to fit your chair or project needs.

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Seville Classics (UHD20247B) UltraHD Lighted Workbench

The Seville Classics workbench has a heavy-duty steel frame and with two stainless steel drawers underneath the top and a pegboard which is great for storing small tools and all sorts of supplies. There’s also a small cantilever shelf at the top of the pegboard with a built-in fluorescent light underneath it. The dimensions of this workbench are 48”L x 24”W x 65.5”H.

small cantilever shelf
UltraHD Lighted Workbench
UltraHD Lighted Workbench

Crafted with Ultraguard stainless steel drawers (which are fingerprint-resistant) and a heavy-duty steel frame

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Olympia Tools Multi-Purpose Workbench With Light, 82-802,Black

The last item on our list is Olympia Tools 82-802 multi-purpose workbench. It has a heavy-duty steel construction with a durable enamel finish and comes equipped with a handy pegboard for storage and organization. There’s also a built-in22-1/2” long 13-watt fluorescent cabinet light, as well as a three-outlet, grounded power strip with two sliding drawers.

Heavy duty steel construction
Multi-Purpose Workbench With Light
Multi-Purpose Workbench With Light

Built-in three-outlet grounded power strip with two ball-bearing sliding drawers

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