240cm Climbing Peg Board Gym

240cm Climbing Peg Board Gym

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In your choice of pine or maple, this Randy & Travis Machinery climbing peg board comes with both a 4cm thick, sturdy board, and two easy-grip wood dowel rods. Train your upper body for strength and dexterity as you climb up the board. Great for both formal training facilities and home gyms, this board gives your upper body a gruelling workout while you enjoy the challenge of getting to the top.

You can install the board vertically or horizontally, whichever you choose. Make sure, though, that the wall can handle the load of both the board and a climber. Ask a tradesman if you’re not sure which wall would be best to hang it on. Buy the board and watch your upper body—and your coordination—improve to the max!


  • Board dimensions: 4cm  x 243cm x 30cm 
  • Dowel rod dimensions: 16.5cm x 3cm 
  • Weight: 17.5kg
  • Number of staggered holes: 35
  • Mounting hole spacing: 40” apart and 9.25” apart (inches)
  • Material: Pine wood (board) and unfinished hickory (dowel rods)


Note: Mounting hardware is NOT included

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1 x 240cm Climbing Peg Board Gym

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