OFG - 10"x47"  Plywood Climbing Peg Board

OFG - 10"x47" Plywood Climbing Peg Board

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10"x47" Plywood Climbing Peg Board for Strength Training 


This wall-mounted climbing peg board is the perfect challenge for athletes looking to improve their upper body strength in a new and dynamic way. The wrestling pegboard climbing wall is designed to be mounted on a wall to allow the user to practice ascending and descending, an excellent exercise for the upper body strength, the dowels are removed one at a time by the user and placed in a different hole so momentarily the body weight falls on one hand.

The Ohio Fitness Garage peg board climber is a simple fitness apparatus that delivers a complete upper body workout in minimal gym space. Pegboard climbing incorporates a wider range of freestyle movement than rope-climbing, working all of the muscles in your arms, upper back, mid back and shoulders. Holding a pair of 1

  • DEVELOP upper body strength through working out muscles in the arms, shoulders, forearms, hands, upper body and core. Pegboards develop back muscles not addressed by traditional pull-ups or rock climbing
  •  SMALL footprint for home, commercial gyms and institutional. Ideal alternative to rope climbs
  •  BUILT from cabinet grade Birch plywood. Laminated with 20-ton press. CNC Routed
  •  EIGHTEEN holes of 1-5/16" diameter
  •  SET consists of one 10"x47"x1.5" pegboard and two 7"x1 ¼" hardwood pegs