Palette of Pegs

Palette of Pegs

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HABA's palette of pegs is everything you look for in a pegging toy for kids:  heirloom quality, vibrantly colored, provides open-ended play and improves motor skills.  This simple toy can be used across a wide range of ages as well.

The HABA Palette of Pegs is simple and fun for toddlers and up.  The set comes with a wooden peg board (measuring 7.5" x 7.5"), 16 wooden pegs and 16 wooden rings in different colors.  The many colors allow for young ones to play in their own way; find the matching colors or make their own design.  Make it all on one level or stack the pegs and use the stacked rings to keep it steady.  How high can you build a tower?

The chunky wooden pieces are treated with a non toxic, water based stain and are large enough to make them safe for toddlers aged 2 and up.  A great toy to introduce spacial relations, sorting, patterns eye hand coordination and much more. 

  • This colorful wooden arranging toy from HABA will encourage creativity while fostering fine motor skills and shape and color recognition.
  • Find the matching colors or make your own design. Make it all on one level, or stack the pegs and use the stacked rings to keep it steady. How high can you build?
  • This stacking game is ideal for free-play. Children will have fun assigning colors and making many creative stacking variations.
  • Includes 32 parts (16 pegs and 16 rings) and pegging board. Board is Measures 7.5" x 7.5". Recommended for ages 2 - 6.